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String Cheese Incident 03/26/05
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Disc Counts 3 / 4
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Source Summary Schoeps cmc6/mk41> Sound Devices 744T ([email protected]) > Firewire HDD > Wavelab 5 > WAV > FLAC16 
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String Chese Incident
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO  
March 26, 2005  (Sat.)  

Gear: Schoeps cmc6/mk41 > Sound Devices 744T  ([email protected])

Transformation: Firewire HDD > Wavelab 4 > WAV > FLAC

NOTES:  1.  Dithered to 16 Bit using Apogee UV22 HR and converted to 44.1khz using Wavelab's Sample Rate Converter)
              2.  Used SHNTOOL to correct the sector boundry stuff on the tracked .wav files

Disc 1 - Set 1:  
01.  Long Journey Home,
02.  Body and Soul
03.  Rebecca,
04.  Catfish John,
05.  Wheel Hoss,
06.  My Brown Eyed Darling,
07.  I Saw the Light,
08.  Hold What You've Got
09.  The Graveyard Shift
10.  Think of What You've Done
11.  Shenandoah Breakdown
12.  The Thrill Is Gone

Disc 2 - Set 2:  
01.  It Is What It Is,
02.  Rhythm of the Road,
03.  Yo Se,
04.  Born on the Wrong Planet,
05.  Time Goes By,
06.  Old Dangerfield,
07.  Six Days on the Road

Disc 3 - Set 3:
01.  Texas >
02.  Exodus > Texas,
03.  Missin' Me >
04.  Chameleon,
05.  On Fire,
06.  Birdland,
07.  Under African Skies >
08.  Black Clouds
09.  Foggy Mountain Breakdown,
10.  You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  

Disc 1 -  Set 1: (Opening Act)
Billy and Keith with Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury and Jason Carter
Old Dangerfield, Six Days on the Road with Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury and Jason Carter
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2ba8d571f004338c8600d844bad8ff16 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t01.flac
d90fb70b4ad1f3f011bdbfb5365ea0a2 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t02.flac
63e0a5d76ad20b2745d7ba615cea5c62 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t03.flac
dbff6141291370119ee819cbb7fcc618 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t04.flac
6dfc2ef764ad7d789b3ba7e535bd17e8 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t05.flac
c4153f9cc70b531212822dc51ed15c2b *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t06.flac
affc70ddf35b70d7d6efb7787f35660e *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t07.flac
b3f2243a0c9eea8e15b736501430bf37 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t08.flac
c53b4ce11bba15926c8ff3e4f1c869a0 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t09.flac
f5d206d57f7fa8d4da997c30394842c3 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t10.flac
3a8e9d7d3c4b17da0460b98f0e0f7a77 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t11.flac
852dac542e1eed797227251f71988f7a *sci2005-03-26.mk41d1t12.flac
7be050f69e7a25c46fc96ac01dc9a343 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t01.flac
cb6a83084e2990c00774b6ef54113574 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t02.flac
fbcc0c603a10a50db77351797c9791a6 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t03.flac
5ce66507e0961f7d2a2a9e0e618e411c *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t04.flac
84ae1f6f388c6e708704b3aa6e25404e *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t05.flac
e9284c6550582b2030f050e896d1f5db *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t06.flac
7b5837e440af65ce6873d982ad5f6896 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d2t07.flac
40d41bba92c97f03df8d3f5ebbf854b5 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d3t02.flac
38b6525f324a10f58b2c3f878c6dfc8c *sci2005-03-26.mk41d3t03.flac
0b9f494dec5e561ec08c9a906872dd85 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d3t04.flac
c5321e4080518998b71681ef9185afcc *sci2005-03-26.mk41d3t05.flac
d7c17a42a2ab9a829e1c422669f2e4d2 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d3t01.flac
d3dcd8c68aa23dff15ad2e8c36f05a05 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d4t01.flac
3adb2774ed640ddd51fb2757a94356a6 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d4t02.flac
988584ec712460df20f136555badbc93 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d4t03.flac
bb144b3556fbedd1f6ddf6709bb36c9c *sci2005-03-26.mk41d4t04.flac
c6b7eb28bc00cdb299afc1dab73e31d9 *sci2005-03-26.mk41d4t05.flac

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