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String Cheese Incident 04/02/05
Suede, Park City, UT
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps cmc6xt/mk41 > Sound Devices 744T ([email protected]) > HDD > Wavelab 5 > WAV > FLAC16 
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String Chese Incident
Park City, UT  
April 2, 2005  (Sat.)  

Gear: Schoeps cmc6xt/mk41  > Sound Devices 744T ([email protected])

Transformation: 744T Firewire > HDD > Wavelab 5 > WAV > FLAC

Recorded and Converted By: Joe Billerbeck

NOTES:  1.  Dithered to 16 Bit using Apogee UV22 HR and converted to 44.1khz using Wavelab's Sample Rate Converter)
              2.  Used SHNTOOL to correct the sector boundry stuff on the tracked .wav files

Disc1 - Set 1:
01.  Heart of Saturday Night,
02.  This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) >
03.  Footprints >
04.  Walls of Time,
05.  Windy Mountain,
06.  Eat My Dust,
07.  Close Your Eyes >
08.  Pirates >
09.  Close Your Eyes

Disc 2 - Set 2:
01.  Just One Story,
02.  Born on the Wrong Planet,
03.  45th of November,
04.  Lester Had a Coconut

Disc 3:
01.  Eye Know Why >
02.  Jam >
03.  It Is What It is,
04.  West Fork Gals >
05.  Restless Wind
06.  Time Goes By >
07.  San Jose

1. This is the only source for this show as far as I know. (Everyone else was patched into my rig.)
2. There is at times the normal drunken bar banter as Suede was way over sold and I did not have
room to move let alone place the rig away from the crowd. The next nite was a little better and I must
thank Pete and JonO for helping the tapers all that they could. They provided a protected area for us  
on Nite 2 which made things alot better for us and the crowd.
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7c1b2383c634075ff760f0d9f0a53949 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t01.flac
96394d1642846af3ad025d6886f402b4 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t02.flac
fe05167993513454f0c7781878144b0b *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t03.flac
58307f72c3fc255d09b7b67f303ad7c4 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t04.flac
d005b5491a59796a11bd6b8fb4f7e920 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t05.flac
50b0feee1152a1c9545a9359e172c7ec *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t06.flac
9a4125a0e736a4fb68bc1bb6119a19ee *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t07.flac
5a6a3ad3d09f648c79dc62fb886acb4c *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t08.flac
8ff393c8bc1bdc0abef0e440fc28c446 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d1t09.flac
be3dd48a873a74e581ac6c1e09474b94 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d2t01.flac
41eb0a74dfd2cbdd6abad8baab0efe72 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d2t02.flac
9620774791145f9b93524aa527126d71 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d2t03.flac
2ef6f7967d4394ded1a3dec9cc910cae *sci2005-04-02.mk41d2t04.flac
a92058fb682f30db2bc0f92050abcf72 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t01.flac
1bb12a83e7e3d9b3eee5f7933bb20197 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t02.flac
848ea6e5947a7f55700b27a9accc4550 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t03.flac
527fef2224404c5bb84c64f54e83608b *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t04.flac
678651388904c0aa34e2514f5c4e67d3 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t05.flac
accb7d92ae1fc4261ddd7b4c21ef4fe5 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t06.flac
cc9fe2767e46b06f76702625d8263515 *sci2005-04-02.mk41d3t07.flac

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