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String Cheese Incident 04/03/05
The Canyons, Park City, UT
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps cmc6xt/mk41 > Sound Devices 744T ([email protected]) > HDD > Wavelab 5 > WAV > FLAC16 
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String Chese Incident
Park City, UT  
April 3, 2005  (Sun.)

Gear: Schoeps cmc6xt/mk41  > Sound Devices 744T ([email protected])

Transformation: 744T Firewire > HDD > Wavelab 5 > WAV > FLAC

Recorded and Converted By: Joe Billerbeck

NOTES:  1.  Dithered to 16 Bit using Apogee UV22 HR and converted to 44.1khz using Wavelab's Sample Rate Converter)
              2.  Used SHNTOOL to correct the sector boundry stuff on the tracked .wav files

Disc1 - Set 1:
01.  One Step Closer,
02.  Sirens,
03.  Cedar Laurels,
04.  Look at Where We Are >
05.  Yo Se,
06.  Long Way To Go,

Disc 2 - (Set 1 Cont.):
01.  Whiskey Before Breakfast,
02.  Galactic >
03.  Outside Inside  

Disc 3 - Set 2:  
01.  Valley of the Jig,
02.  Turn This Around,
03.  Boo Boo's Pikanic,
04.  Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother,
05.  Bass solo > Jam,
06.  Black and White,
07.  Tom Thumb's Blues  
08.  Magic Carpet Ride  
1.  Long Way To Go, Whiskey Before Breakfast with Todd Sheaffer (vocals),
     Andy Goessling (banjo, dobro), Tim Carbone (violin), and John Skehan (mandolin) from Railroad Earth

2.  Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother with Railroad Earth and Vinne Amico on drums,
     Chuck Garvey on guitar,  Rob Derhak on bass from Moe.

3.   Bass solo > Jam with  Rob Derhak on bass from moe. (without Keith)

4.   Magic Carpet Ride with Chuck Garvey (guitar) and Tim Carbone (violin)

NOTE FROM JOE: Disc 3 -  in the interest of keeping Set 2 all together on one cd,  Disc 3 is just under 80 mins. long.
                             To do this it was necessary to remove about 5 mins. of crowd noise / cheering etc. between d3t07
                             and d3t08 (the encore).
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30eba0137b4eac0d9a7d9d3047848a5f *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d1t01.flac
826490e8577c0b482e241ee6fe570848 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d1t02.flac
e33baba2b8de66e791a88a0d17a06ad6 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d1t03.flac
1c443549b6e1ef8f7785577442d9f658 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d1t04.flac
d208d4b257768663e1748c5a90f79d81 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d1t05.flac
6c97212c3d23dbffb5ba554ec8dcd8b1 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d1t06.flac
3a9675b45c40d4c4bf545023c957cfe9 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d2t01.flac
97ddb6acf3d7df076d9898e751674b07 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d2t02.flac
d74f31d7c94c475aa53115913d4e5620 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d2t03.flac
7c5724c873430f0c43fe2055b8e6cc0d *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t01.flac
5f0f00c78844ab01222dec45993e2c86 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t02.flac
c4eb5abd47e2cbdd3281503bb1d48e58 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t03.flac
c1dd4b4b63482a6c9d1b532a5e728e5f *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t04.flac
ead6b511cd6b2a70a64ba09ea220a225 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t05.flac
76104f54dd581e5f2cf05b6f20d65a0f *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t06.flac
c70655457cfa24d8b0563e1344aae66c *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t07.flac
f113ea52e55be123cb8ea3b7967a4178 *sci2005-04-03.mk41.suede.d3t08.flac

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