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Garcia 02/04/81
Warner Theater, Washington, DC
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums wav-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Dave Redman's Nak 300s > Sony TC-D5M cassette master > DAT > CD > EAC > FLAC.  
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Jerry Garcia Band
Warner Theater
Washington, DC

Taped by Dave Redman, Nak 300s > Sony TC-D5M cassette master > DAT > CD > EAC > FLAC.

Disc One (7 tracks, 62:36)
--Set I--
d1t01. Crowd [0:04]
d1t02. I'll Take a Melody [13:16]
d1t03. //That's What //Love Will Make You Do [#6:#32]
d1t04. Mississippi Moon [11:06]
d1t05. Sitting in //Limbo [13:#04] [0:14]
d1t06. How Sweet It Is [8:54] ->
d1t07. Tangled Up in Blue// [9:23#]

Disc Two (8 tracks, 74:06)
--Set II--
d2t01. Crowd & Tuning [0:09]
d2t02. Harder They Come [14:13] [0:03]
d2t03. /Mission in the Rain [10:46]
d2t04. //They Love Each Other [#8:10] [0:02]
d2t05. //Russian Lullaby/ [#12:36]
d2t06. Dear Prudence [12:25] ->
d2t07. Deal [7:39] ->
d2t08. Midnight Moonlight [8:00]

- Where it's good, it's quite a good recording. It may run a touch fast, but I am not really capable of judging that. There are also numerous patches of oversaturation, a good number of  cuts (and in general very tight editing), and a very chatty crowd. Beyond those presumed attributes of the master, there are a great many warts on this particular copy which would make a new transfer most welcomed.  I will try to list some of those warts below, but I am sure that I have not noted all of them.  Caveat auditor.
- The show itself is extremely hot, IMO a contender for hottest show of the great month of 2/81.  Of note: a sweet version of Sitting in Limbo, a second solo in TUIB (around 5:40) that is absolutely filthy (watch your speakers!), and a pretty nicely executed transition from Deal into Midnight Moonlight.  A really fun show.
- d1t03 TWLWMYD cuts in, not much missing, then spliced @ 4:48;
- d1t05 Sitting in Limbo distorted guitar peaks, some light static throughout (heavier @ 12:23 and 12:56), splice @ 6:54;
- d1t06 classic taper talk @ 0:53;
- d1t07 TUIB static @ 0:10, some audible mic adjustments, cuts out near end;
- d2t02 HTC some old repair (sounds like a mono patch) @ 0:13, mix flux first 45 secs., L channel blip @ 43 repaired with patch over from R channel, more flux @ 5:53-6:30;
- d2t03 MITR clips in, seemingly different SQ first 13 secs., levels decrease @ 2:32, rise again, then down again @ 10:20;
- d2t04 TLEO cuts in;
- d2t05 Russian Lullaby cuts in, clips out;
- d2t06 Dear Prudence Splice or skip @ 10:35;
- d2t07 Deal static @ 0:22, 4:16, 7:31, 7:33, levels increase @ 0:37;
- d2t08 Midnight Moonlight intermittent static for the first minute and a half or so.

misSHN, 9/2005
Show Checksums
13f2eb3363ca58fc96c1c1dfa835e293 *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t01.wav
db43b746fe9ca6a5f7af2c3eca286f4e *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t02.wav
7fd1848ccc8eaadc0aee11edc31b61c3 *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t03.wav
4e909d385b3780ee2c25faccea197629 *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t04.wav
213380fc6cf9f0aa0265f5b897c6e4ce *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t05.wav
d567ba11f956f155c2cbb74a19af144e *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t06.wav
c804a08b8db861aa4e69c8bda6e28754 *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d1t07.wav
4b550bc7f0438e70fe4e1ceb69b2fbca *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t01.wav
ae1f16491c081d1ecb9016d60b9ba26e *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t02.wav
4c3a2388130fb50cfabbb8c4c5df4280 *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t03.wav
c0a225217d3cea6c198664d71b0ba79d *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t04.wav
04805d5047fa0ef9017a9a67576e7f53 *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t05.wav
68e954b0f41666ad79d5d5386291294f *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t06.wav
f71ba9a41345ec32e7a0f9fe23f5f42f *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t07.wav
a37b4b319fd50ad910e9ffc2634f704a *jgb1981-02-04-redman-d2t08.wav

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