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Garcia 01/27/81
Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band, incomplete: MAC? > ? > cassette > CD > EAC > CD Wave > FLAC. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Old Waldorf
San Francisco, CA
1/27/81, Incomplete

MAC? > ? > cassette > CD > EAC > CD Wave > FLAC.  Cassette > CD transfer by slip, CD > FLAC by jjoops.

Single Disc (8 tracks, 77:20)
--Set I--
01. Crowd & Tuning [0:07]
02. Harder They Come [13:39] [0:04]
(MISSING Catfish John)
03. Tore Up Over You [9:58] [0:03]
04. /Mississippi Moon [10:00] [0:07]
(MISSING How Sweet It Is)
--Set II--
05. Mission in the Rain [8:54] [0:04]
06. I'll Take a Melody [14:16] [0:03]
(MISSING Russian Lullaby)
07. Dear Prudence [12:01] ->
08. Midnight Moonlight [7:50] [0:10]

- Set break and missing song information is from The Jerry Site, which also lists I'll Take a Melody and Mission in the Rain in reverse order relative to what's on these discs.
- I think this is a great upfront aud, though it could be a sbd.  The main thing that makes me think it's an aud is the occasional relatively up-close audience noise.  But I am open to being corrected here.  Whatever it is, it sounds pretty darn nice, though it is tightly edited and though from Melody on there is some audible versaturation/clipping.
- The performance is unbelievably relaxed and a real pleasure to listen to.  Mission in the Rain strikes me as especially full and warm feeling (despite a slightly clunky start), but every tune here just feels really nice.
- t02 HTC tick @ 3:45
- t04 Mississippi Moon clips in
- t06 Melody digital glitches @ 0:40 (drop), 0:44 (chirp)

Thanks to slip for the source CDs!
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fdff7d613b83e9bcac89429f9f01f869 *jgb1981-01-27-d1t01.wav
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487a12503d5831171a87bd75fafcc664 *jgb1981-01-27-d1t03.wav
207d3b89eaeebb64a828438ce5a94bd9 *jgb1981-01-27-d1t04.wav
55f96d7affbff09b4caa78895153fb8d *jgb1981-01-27-d1t05.wav
bf4ae24fd53122d96b8c36a25612af79 *jgb1981-01-27-d1t06.wav
6792f78da3ba07551e7845e66787bfcd *jgb1981-01-27-d1t07.wav
fd06161d598230987553a06877c14b23 *jgb1981-01-27-d1t08.wav
370967bc3df755cba7d3e83ab606ce8f *jgb1981-01-27.partial.txt

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