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Garcia 11/17/84
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Garcia & Kahn: speed correction of shnid 30874
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Jerry Garcia & John Kahn
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA
Source:  Audience (Taper = Mark ___; unknown mics, dfc 1st row) > Master Cassette (unknown gear)
Transfer 1: MC > C(1) (Scotch XSM-90 Metal tape via G. Reynolds (mako21))
Transfer 2: C(1) > Aiwa AD-F180 > THC cables > Edirol UA-5 > PC (USB) > Wavelab 5.01 @ 24/96.  
Mastering:  Wavelab 5.01a (X-noise to reduce hiss; L3 Multimaximizer to increase gain & dither to 16 bits) >
resample to 44.1 khZ > FLAC>>(too)>>FLAC

Set 1
(missing) Deep Elem Blues
1. When I Paint My Masterpiece
2. Little Sadie
3. Simple Twist Of Fate
4. Run For The Roses

Set 2
5. Friend Of The Devil (tape flip at end)
6. I've Been All Around This World
7. Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
8. Gomorrah
9. Bird Song
(missing) Goodnight Irene
10. Ripple
Notes:According to the Jerry Site, this show circulates as an AUD recording.  
It's unlikely that this is that source.  The story of this tape:  George was a student at URI and went to the
show with two buddies and a guy named "Mark" who happened to have a car and the recording equipment,
but no ticket.  They parted ways outside the venue.  Only after the show did George discover that Mark had
scored a front row center ticket for face, and recorded the show.  George made his copy from that master tape,
and I met George in Furthur chat.
This recording is excellent in almost every way.  The taper was in the first row, and you can hear not only the
house sound, but also the sound directly from Jerry's guitar and John's bass.
Location, location, location.There are a few flaws.  The tape was stopped between some songs,
and it seems that Deep Elem and Goodnight Irene are missing (if the Jerry Site has it right, which it usually does).  
The start of each side of the cassette is marred by some tape flutter, etc. which evens out after a few moments.
It sounds like the taper picked up the deck a few times to check on the tape, too.  
Most of the tape hiss is now gone, but a little remains.  I restored the high end with the L3 Multimaximizer
and pulled out some of the bass but, like alot of these G&K audience recordings, there's a lot of low end in here.  
When Bird Song starts, the sound quality changes.  I can't tell why.Overall, I think his sounds great.  
Many thanks to George for the cassette, without which we would not be listening to this.Enjoy.

--mhg :: September 20, 2005

30 October 2005

It was mentioned that this recording ran a bit fast, a couple cassette gens will do that, the discussed difference was
5.3% so I resampled to 32bit float 96khz, did a speed correction, some minor editing/smoothing of tape flips, flutter,
deck bumps, crossfades etc. minor eq as long as it didn't interupt the actual music. there seems to be a definite source
(change) at birdsong; smoothed out as much as possible; diff gen?

Jerry is Smokin! if stof doesn't send a chill up you're spine, check your pulse you must be dead!

another installment of tmnsp wharfrat chapter 2005      

thanks to Mark,George, & mgoldey for the source and of course Jerry and John for another fantastic show!  ~~
I did two downsamples from 32b96k if there is interest I will track & circulate the 24b48khz FLAC rjh
Show Checksums
5868e253e9550f593ade072df51cb779 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t01 - When I Paint My Masterpiece .wav
757116ee243f4c0b9443915a004eab0c *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t02 - Little Sadie .wav
614da742170f6ab1b9b9cc64dee36b56 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t03 - Simple Twist Of Fate .wav
9f7774c4566f482b61e1f7dd681d78e2 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t04 - Run For The Roses .wav
542e5c9b6fcd407b6cde017f2d7cad01 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t05 - Friend Of The Devil .wav
31acc6f9fd634d860a5ae3d54a9d8a04 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t06 - I've Been All Around This World .wav
c76fbc8da4cb485b7386e8582fc0256d *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t07 - Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie .wav
255f8a4efad33a67be01ce8af9f83ee8 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t08 - Gomorrah .wav
01e4a457b506f7141558f820fc307e29 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t09 - Bird Song .wav
c28c6d9d5552b2b9e5f09374ad18cc25 *JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t10 - Ripple .wav
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t01 - When I Paint My Masterpiece .flac:d3535f7eb77dc5fe3c29ce72b216b139
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t02 - Little Sadie .flac:3240158f7a38b801e7f781cc85d9603f
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t03 - Simple Twist Of Fate .flac:f74c2238ff722f8e2e89b2608f7ab2be
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t04 - Run For The Roses .flac:c1011cda852aa76d6612f324d6169cad
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t05 - Friend Of The Devil .flac:c43a256a667d9a7315f87497953c80ae
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t06 - I've Been All Around This World .flac:33e7b01ecb1085137991c0a49cbd97bf
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t07 - Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie .flac:f64dead8468094618ee4f9402de38264
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t08 - Gomorrah .flac:bfbf8464fc73483c8ea4c383e6fec819
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t09 - Bird Song .flac:24b43c6c4a10d196673c05659d42e685
JG+JK1984-11-17(too)t10 - Ripple .flac:1e926f0a43e5e773cae1decf8565e4f5

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