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Trey Anastasio 11/11/05
Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell M20 > JK Labs ECMS-23 > Oade W+ mod UA5 > JB3 (OTS); JB3 > CDWav > FLAC; Taped and Transferred by Tim Burke 
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Trey Anastatio & 70 Volt Parade
November 11, 2005 (Friday)
Utica Memorial Auditorium
Utica, NY

Source: Microtech Gefell M20 > JK Labs ECMS-23 > Oade W+ mod UA5 > JB3 (16/44)
Lineage: JB3 > CDWave > FLAC
Location: First Row of OTS
Mic Config: (18/90), ~12' high

Taped and Transferred by Tim Burke ([email protected])

Disc One

01. Countdown to Utica * > Mr. Completely
02. Spin
03. Drifting
04. Dark and Down
05. Night Speaks To A Woman
06. Shine

Disc Two

01. Money Love and Change
02. Push on 'Til the Day
03. Come as Melody
04. Access Me @
05. Divided Sky @ #
06. Back On The Train @

Disc Three

01. Heavy Things @ >
02. Bathtub Gin @ >
03. Ghost @
04. Boogie on Reggae Woman $

* with balloons dropped from the rafters at the end
@ with Trey on acoustic guitar and Mike Gordon on electric bass
# with John Fishman on cymbal, and "Lawn Boy" ending
$ 70 Volt Parade returns with Fishman on drums and Skeeto on cowbell and small percussion setup.  Mike joins on a second bass shortly after start.

Thanks to Dan Nolan for the clamp space  

Trey Anastatio - vocals, guitar
Tony Hall - bass
Les Hall - guitar, keyboard, synthesizer
Skeeto Valdez - drums
Ray Paczkowski - keyboard
Jennifer Hartswick - vocals
Christina Durfee - vocals
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3f437a3096d0a63a2b2cdb14946256f5 *tab2005-11-11d1t01.flac
17ed54f01faefa25ca91e733880bbdaa *tab2005-11-11d1t02.flac
21833e608efc59231d8223845bb3fb80 *tab2005-11-11d1t03.flac
3c1efb35881f3fdb029e6c6fc73cd965 *tab2005-11-11d1t04.flac
0b27857ea2a537efb7a91c1153e72b57 *tab2005-11-11d1t05.flac
1b6e9695e5a77db34f7048e5cc29f245 *tab2005-11-11d1t06.flac
41288001fcdcab3aa23a0cb0c91c2168 *tab2005-11-11d2t01.flac
79392963a4ae2432c6662f41fa223227 *tab2005-11-11d2t02.flac
a06368285b57a07c5b51d8894b251693 *tab2005-11-11d2t03.flac
08359ebde835c8b0091c5703b7002532 *tab2005-11-11d2t04.flac
1ce70a5b2b85f83ac5800ee62abe582e *tab2005-11-11d2t05.flac
4ce69fc62daa90c1320d93f8841da5b7 *tab2005-11-11d2t06.flac
cc7d246f3783255f8d577e1e9416f407 *tab2005-11-11d3t01.flac
158cbffaf819a2039926a997a3869570 *tab2005-11-11d3t02.flac
f03968ad9fcfef6af84c1c27bd906a45 *tab2005-11-11d3t03.flac
ab87b6bb0604503b233c64113d3b78f1 *tab2005-11-11d3t04.flac
9153ec39569cb9190cfda59fe76afb91 *tab2005-11-11d1t01.wav
618412479460725515c9a71af49e79ec *tab2005-11-11d1t02.wav
f0f0f37c81e08936cd222c760843ec45 *tab2005-11-11d1t03.wav
fc53833ed48a806b376df2b522eac944 *tab2005-11-11d1t04.wav
046cbb8a1af7f884af90e3a537e78179 *tab2005-11-11d1t05.wav
6afd5298f4970eef94557b52637dee43 *tab2005-11-11d1t06.wav
90261672f865d51e7683033a03309b93 *tab2005-11-11d2t01.wav
e115790cae5aa1847097cb11196f186d *tab2005-11-11d2t02.wav
0b1b11fb8003e33a729e184204f15259 *tab2005-11-11d2t03.wav
12b681c1c79220fe5e0d677f43a5d67e *tab2005-11-11d2t04.wav
2e76f024ab992c3fcf7e589ba560aefd *tab2005-11-11d2t05.wav
4a2c8042d7a8b0d7e42b3175c5683d7d *tab2005-11-11d2t06.wav
66df60bae2ff063153897a616d34dd43 *tab2005-11-11d3t01.wav
dffd43d19dfac5a80284fa0f3ca6cf06 *tab2005-11-11d3t02.wav
ca639a35c156439784f18b82ec962b42 *tab2005-11-11d3t03.wav
516fe0b67acae6750598636d26dd7c6e *tab2005-11-11d3t04.wav

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