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Garcia 08/28/84
Wolfgang's, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary JGJK: aud > dat > wav > flac > wav > flac. 
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Jerry Garia & John Kahn
Wolfgangs, San Francisco, CA

source: aud > dat > wav > flac > wav > flac

01   Deep Elem Blues
02   I've Been All Around This World
03   Friend Of The Devil
04   Little Sadie
05   Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
06   Goodnight Irene >
07   Ripple


- there are a few problems at the start of Deep Elem but after that it settles down.
- the vocals are a little distant.


Rodney K Albin Memorial Concert

Others appearing: Robert Hunter, Country Joe & Friends, The Dinosaurs

seeded to TMNSP.NET

edited & remastered
December 2005
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74e57fb6b801c520d86318b6f75a4af7 *jg+jk84-08-28t01.flac c548a92b14bb415edb24177e593cc965 *jg+jk84-08-28t02.flac 52d0e41f8895751a65ec2605bc9ba23d *jg+jk84-08-28t03.flac bb67e4b5e65422f5a1dacc663b8832d8 *jg+jk84-08-28t04.flac 0cc3c19cc30a252777d086dec968f275 *jg+jk84-08-28t05.flac 0f6bfc1c73d5b904265a4a2aaf08646e *jg+jk84-08-28t06.flac b7741e3f712c270d25c8b35f84656ae8 *jg+jk84-08-28t07.flac

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Date User Comment
12/07/2005 Dan Gale I presume the source should actually read aud>??>DAT>WAV>FLAC>WAV>FLAC, as they didn't make DAT decks in '84 so presumably it was mastered on cassette and at some point transfered to DAT...
12/26/2005 Bob this is an interesting recording for sure, sound is pretty good but the taper is likely near the back of the bar or perhaps a balcony above the bar, a pretty constant din of glasses and bottles clinking through out.
12/28/2005 Joey Browning It's been my belief that Dat's did come unto the scene in the later part of 84.I would not bet the farm on that though.I had tapes of Richmond of that year marked as dat and the sound seemed to be a cut above the aud's of the time.
12/28/2005 Charlie Miller PCM was around in 84, but Dat didn't come out till late 87. BTW, the first show on Dat in the GD vault is 12/27/87, but there are PCM's in there dating back to 82, and possibly earlier.