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String Cheese Incident 02/16/01
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Source # 3234 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Neumann tlm170 > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD1000 > DAT Transfer: DAT > Zoltrix Nightingale > SoundForge 4.5 (rec,48>44,fades) > CDWav(splits) > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
February 16, 2001
Fillmore - Denver, CO

Source: Neumann tlm170> Lunatec V2> Apogee AD1000> DAT
Transfer: DAT> Zoltrix Nightingale> SoundForge 4.5(rec,48>44,fades)>
CDWav(splits)> .shn

Disc #1
Set 1
1. Got What He Wanted
2. Inspiration
3. Sing A New Song>
4. Jam>
5. Rhum'n'Zouc
6. Amazing Grace(1)
7. Soldier in the Army of the Lord(1)

Disc #2
1. Sand Dollar>
2. Jam>
3. Mtn Girls

Set 2
4. Lester Poem>
5. Rivertrance>
6. Under African Skies>
7. Rivertrance
8. Outside Inside
9. Latinismo

Disc #3
1. Let it Go
2. Best Feeling>
3. Jam>
4. Search
5. E: Sittin on Top of the World

(1)w/ Blind Boys of Alabama

Alternate Tracking
d1t1-d2t3 80min
d2t4-d2t9 74
d3t1-d3t5 74
Show Checksums
c7162a963260a2934fb3917d77e4feaa *sci010216d1t4.shn
ef26a51ab9c569896c883f36e7a557a4 *sci010216d1t2.shn
2601b83b62de531e508e86d600585498 *sci010216d1t3.shn
d150af101ca458e09b7416b51e6b61d3 *sci010216d1t1.shn
17b6e524cab20ca11f1dfde616dec335 *sci010216d1t5.shn
cb92db32f1a1660d8a26552dfce5ccca *sci010216d1t6.shn
4cf251e1d5398c912b356f886383e721 *sci010216d1t7.shn

ccfba3dffc83617c4c289bbd1240775b *sci010216d2t7.shn
e183e93f780b1a9938f19394bac5420b *sci010216d2t2.shn
afc6085a06f41dec5fa2d4f0a5d36b8b *sci010216d2t3.shn
7453425d5de8221f5f9cd45f5aa8eb4c *sci010216d2t4.shn
be9c43a629b3e477c3099c535d69edf2 *sci010216d2t5.shn
0f2019c733b5c218aef4e6ce4bb033fa *sci010216d2t6.shn
7881eeb0763ecaf19f30285ed284b603 *sci010216d2t1.shn
f917bb2f993de96f134f592aa698d667 *sci010216d2t8.shn
ca2ef37501d8345e153868b4334ce84d *sci010216d2t9.shn

247bf66e831f0153ae147d37a78c32f6 *sci010216d3t4.shn
6c11116e89dcadd51e595566da5a9a79 *sci010216d3t2.shn
f34144285c35d6bdd4d6f2071c3d508c *sci010216d3t3.shn
12f7a07566cd5c1f43c3e96410334ee8 *sci010216d3t1.shn
7f5ae7cc5d81a5fda6c4bc96c36312e6 *sci010216d3t5.shn

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