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String Cheese Incident 03/03/01
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
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Source # 3256 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Neumann AK40 capsules(ORTF, DFOB 13th Row center) > LC3 Active cables > KM100 bodies > Apogee AD-1000(30db 44.1) > Sony D7; Transfer Info: Sony PCM-R300 > Digital Coax > PC Egosys 2496 > SF 4.5 > CDRWIN > EAC > MKW > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Source: DFOB 13th Row center Neumann AK40 capsules(ortf)>LC3 Active cables>KM100 bodies>Apogee AD-1000(30db 44.1)>Sony D7
Transfer Info: Sony PCM-R300>Digital Coax>PC Egosys 2496>SF 4.5>CDRWIN>EAC>MKW>SHN
Recorded and Transferred by Rak

Disc I
Set 1:
1) Black Clouds
2) Want>
3) Inspiration
4) Resume Man (1)
5) Shantytown

Disc 2
Set I Cont.
1) Spanish Moon *(2)>Jam(2)>
2) San Jose (2)
Set II
3) Group Hoot etc.>
4) Rivertrance>
5) Rhythm of the Road>
6) Rivertrance>

Disc 3
end Set II
1) Let it Go
2) Round the Wheel>
3) The Hobo Song
4) Sand Dollar>
5) Drums>
6) Round the Wheel
7) Encore: Superstition (2)

(1) Fan in Audience Daev Brown comes on stage and sings verse Billy couldn't remember
(2) Members of Little Feat: Bill Payne (keyboards), Fred Tackett (guitar) and Sam Clayton (percussion)
*  Little Feat Song, First time played
Show Checksums
1b040e741d7f10cbcd0b681ce6a4370d *sci01-03-03d1t1.shn
e3b4849ae750e15c3e0aca089b144286 *sci01-03-03d1t2.shn
b96e7d575ae81f58ce8cc65511aacd39 *sci01-03-03d1t3.shn
d2bc3c8bad89612e139d5b53d7a28aee *sci01-03-03d1t4.shn
922251b21b8fa9e748f61f9cca1402da *sci01-03-03d1t5.shn
e57a4adb15b66a820a3b55de44a93e6f *sci01-03-03cd2t1.shn
93da7ec1fa5e02fd585c8e4140c3cbd1 *sci01-03-03cd2t2.shn
501be5798ce8dff7c64305c20ef7a5c8 *sci01-03-03cd2t3.shn
64145219ba23b7f75e13dde0dab264e2 *sci01-03-03cd2t4.shn
7ef54e88be91e2459b9a4970a462ed65 *sci01-03-03cd2t5.shn
8dfd937053c24933347564abfaa3b91c *sci01-03-03cd2t6.shn
42faef5a11cc641fed0d0d34f203b44c *sci01-03-03cd3t1.shn
e3304ebf6ab9a666e2b45b2ab6f0eec6 *sci01-03-03cd3t2.shn
1c78864ce1e869215dbebeb7127c0d25 *sci01-03-03cd3t3.shn
12db7a358250f484c9bd53bed8035dbc *sci01-03-03cd3t4.shn
9ad8e08a82e15aea329c0af191d11536 *sci01-03-03cd3t5.shn
6309f8bdca3e5f1d161cfd5ecc8e7708 *sci01-03-03cd3t6.shn
88906e67ac9d7fdf7b4dd381e7abb4e6 *sci01-03-03cd3t7.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Neumann km140 > Apogee... (1) MBHO 603 Cards > SDMP2 > GP... (0) SBD; Transfer: unknown (0)
Date User Comment
04/02/2001 Brad Leblanc The md5's and .shn's that I downloaded with this show have some naming issues, click on the md5's above to see them. If you seed a show, please follow the naming conventions set here.
06/26/2001 Brad 8 minute drop in the right channel during ROTR.