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String Cheese Incident 02/15/01
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Set 1 - Schoeps CMC64>Lunatec V2 > ADC20 > DAP1 Set 2 - MG 210's > V2 > SBM-1 > D8 Conversion: Zefiro ZA-2 > Soundforge 5.0 (Normalize to music) > CDWAV > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident


The Fillmore - Denver, CO

Set 1 - Schoeps CMC64>Lunatec V2 > ADC20 > DAP1 > ZA2

Set 2 - MG 210's > V2 > SBM-1 > D8 > ZA2

* X-Ray in airport zapped set 2's Schoeps tape. However, both sets of mics were run on the same stand,

about 3" apart from each other & both sound very similar.

Conversion done with Soundforge 5.0 (Normalize to music) > CDWAV

Recorded by Patrick Skerrett & John Ford.

Mastered by Patrick Skerrett  

[email protected]

Disk 1:

Miss Brown's Teahouse,


Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms,

Turn This Around,


Joyful Sound,

Grandma's Hands?,

Disk 2:

Don't Say?

> Jam?? >

I've Just Seen A Face?

-Begin Set 2- Hoot,

Way Back Home,

Rhythm of the Road

> Jam? >



Close Your Eyes,

Good Times Around the Bend,

Come As You Are >

Tom Thumb's Blues >

Come As You Are  

Encore: Birdland


?with Bruce Hornsby

First Time Played: SKAT (Some Kind of African Tune),

Grandma's Hands (Bill Withers cover)

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cd3e9bd189e74c8234d450911bb4d7c4 *sci01-02-15d1t02.shn
e2c548aeebc22e7bcc040074ef55e742 *sci01-02-15d1t01.shn
44b85f4bb0e1bbb6f4937dbda8a92a8d *sci01-02-15d1t03.shn
94e1aefeb1cee2c96ab37b598905db94 *sci01-02-15d1t04.shn
4f6a7010b174df84baf26af0a58f9631 *sci01-02-15d1t05.shn
376c0bbe85389fc725b30e3b0315fa7a *sci01-02-15d1t06.shn
ca5924fac1de9bd78fa0c669337eef3c *sci01-02-15d1t07.shn
b5c2a0764fc2dd9c9e1e7df0822de5b0 *sci01-02-15d2t04.shn
1b565a71251d1c5e6843925139b11ab7 *sci01-02-15d2t02.shn
1e7e64571d0a787e977f134800007229 *sci01-02-15d2t03.shn
8445a3319e38e0083366aac97e857cc4 *sci01-02-15d2t01.shn
f0bd8d7cef8f243b7e16e05ac56b8774 *sci01-02-15d2t05.shn
479c2a53f5acb59d2eeb65dd9d326c07 *sci01-02-15d2t06.shn
0d2340e554aaa841f9f1788dac329dd8 *sci01-02-15d2t07.shn
5b109e5e4cdffe5a411f134561afe6b2 *sci01-02-15d2t08.shn
7189c7e8de7d1d30caa0fa4673d94f7a *sci01-02-15d3t04.shn
1a694b85334d6de714ee26238fa7918c *sci01-02-15d3t02.shn
b08c329e5e06c5272c35c62ec64e6a1e *sci01-02-15d3t03.shn
1a91c99d66fd1debdc6dc74bffc9b91f *sci01-02-15d3t01.shn
31062ca1ba66e286cac6fe2a4cc506b8 *sci01-02-15d3t05.shn
b47a7930918059dc112707ddb7419db0 *sci01-02-15d3t06.shn

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