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String Cheese Incident 07/05/03
Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre, Santa Fe, NM
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Nuemann km140 > Lunatec V3 > Sony TCD-D8 > Sony D8 > Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6 > Cool Edit Pro > CD Wave (splits) > mkwACT (.shn) 
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String Cheese Incident
Paolo Soleri Amphitheater, Santa Fe, NM

set 1:
Desert Dawn,
Joyful Sound >
Jam >
Hotel Window,
Way Back Home >
Jam >
On the Road

Set 2:
Got What He Wanted >
Jam >
Emma's Dream >
Jam >
Climb >
Jam >
Sing a New Song,
Ring of Fire,
It Is What It Is,
Whiskey Before Breakfast  

Encore:  Elvis's Wild Ride,
Good Times Around the Bend

Encore 2: Dirk  

Taped by Pete Coffan via Todd Ramsden
Transferred by Pete Coffan
Source: Just ahead and right of board: Din/&': Numann km140> Lunatec V3>Sony D8
Transfer: Sony D8> Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6> Cool Edit Pro> CD Wave (splits)> MKWact (shn)

Notes: Aron Ralston Incident.  Benefit Auction for Aron Ralston.
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21e7a373408ec86a94f5f63a20798628 *sci2003-07-05d109.shn
364e3b592167e6fcdd4b2fee4817db2e *sci2003-07-05d110.shn
4653bed7e62cbddd01b90825187c8ff7 *sci2003-07-05d201.shn
49ac9046e2330182c7a1ceb640017838 *sci2003-07-05d202.shn
e05f267071bb82cf66376c8bffe009de *sci2003-07-05d203.shn
715f6d1fd9369ee7b6f0358a3d2fbeff *sci2003-07-05d204.shn
0891945e2b3c7cd3a4b4811e4209240e *sci2003-07-05d205.shn
1e7e8ae333cb9dcc0dd0a3c12cbdbd5c *sci2003-07-05d206.shn
80657f799c6c2d20a88b9a0b6fe7e3b6 *sci2003-07-05d207.shn
5f0b8dea9bbf4d71928da847d41f1e42 *sci2003-07-05d301.shn
0c1458eef0d951ab23aa539a75ebeef1 *sci2003-07-05d302.shn
7af41a40ca6b5dbcc13b91655c4f92c8 *sci2003-07-05d303.shn
60f58f0d774099d1541ad9f583da112c *sci2003-07-05d304.shn
e51aad53686026ab3cef54d445d0a9a7 *sci2003-07-05d305.shn
75855ee01baa790de420514934592fbd *sci2003-07-05d306.shn
eb38a2be7f72629dbc05eafb5abf6a69 *sci2003-07-05d101.shn
396085a56b72d5fcf34153ffea390b88 *sci2003-07-05d102.shn
ff78b1a505f71e0da4948be063f7b1cf *sci2003-07-05d103.shn
0cc46893b7e389f0664e278c433dbd09 *sci2003-07-05d104.shn
ddbe51941a0e60e566dbca67a7fcc690 *sci2003-07-05d105.shn
e73cacc9dea3f2a41f58c4ae8a143be0 *sci2003-07-05d106.shn
1253f28e7751a94bf8593e2272b9313e *sci2003-07-05d107.shn
ca0658eef445092314e065f6067f14df *sci2003-07-05d108.shn

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