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Robert Randolph [and the Family Band] 02/09/02
North Six (Freaks Ball 2), Brooklyn, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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2/9/02 North Six Brooklyn NY (Freaks Ball 2)
Fillmore Shuffle> NYC Freaks> Fillmore Shuffle, 3 Stroke, Off The Wall, The March> I'll Fly Away> House of God?> Drums> I'll Fly Away, Three Little Birds riff> Thunder and Lightning reggae breakdown1, Squeeze, Pressing My Way, Smokin? A Black, ?w/IDKWYCTD cues> I Get Joy (remix)> ?> Instrument Switch Jam2> ?,(Gloria jam?)> I Need More Love Every Day3> ?> I Don't Know What You've Come To Do (remix)
--Encore--, Tears Of Joy4

1w/Paulie Ethnic on vocals,
2w/Marcus/Robert switch> Danyel/Robert switch; Mission Impossible teases by Marcus on pedal steel, 3w/Danny Owen & Sarah Corrao on vocals,
4w/Voodoo Child coda,
Most of the show with Dan "Fids" Fadel on second drum kit

SBD/AUD Matrix (Neumann TLM-170 (split subcard, onstage) -> Sonosax + SBD -> Behringer Mixpad -> AD2K -> D7)
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