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Robert Randolph [and the Family Band] 06/26/02
Rosbud, Pittsburgh, PA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell M300>Lunatec V2> Tascam DA-P1 > Sony DTC-790>HHB CDR 830, .wav>shn 
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Robert Randolph and the Family Band
6.26.02 Rosebud Pittsburgh PA

1. crowd & tuning
2. Salsa
3. Three Stroke
4. The March
5. You Gotta Move
6. Run for Your Life
7. Papa Was a Rolling Stone

1. Clean Inside
2. Squeeze
3. I Don't Know
4. Pressing My Way
5. E:  Tears of Joy tease>
6. Voodoo Child

notes: Mofro opened

Source:  Microtech Gefell M300>Lunatec V2> Tascam DA-P1 by David Burgbacher and Scott Cronin
Transfer:  Sony DTC-790>HHB CDR 830, .wav>shn by David Burgbacher and Scott Cronin
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9070ee7c052602a63baf0a1d89be0c10 *rrfb2002-06-26d1t07.M300.shn
f8d8eb4b321cfadd375683415db7c35a *rrfb2002-06-26d2t01.M300.shn
a01423b769444230266f9310816ee0b5 *rrfb2002-06-26d2t02.M300.shn
00bfc50aac4f2a72bca65a42eda5ce9e *rrfb2002-06-26d2t03.M300.shn
f244427c0851547faefea7924c624caa *rrfb2002-06-26d2t04.M300.shn
9753574e928e9c8afef68b5ff724cd76 *rrfb2002-06-26d2t05.M300.shn
6e450efe909403621dcb17b1737555a3 *rrfb2002-06-26d2t06.M300.shn
cbcb721574cc0068dac7023e7f781296 *rrfb2002-06-26d1t01.M300.shn
dbb12371604d6ca64dda855d8eeb21c1 *rrfb2002-06-26d1t02.M300.shn
d9edb463bf2a737d8305febe93b318ab *rrfb2002-06-26d1t03.M300.shn
1b60a5a487aa04eb3ea591d71c3fd578 *rrfb2002-06-26d1t04.M300.shn
14eac08d15bc22a8dd77f117d6324751 *rrfb2002-06-26d1t05.M300.shn
59fa40fc7c6382405e21954942468c9c *rrfb2002-06-26d1t06.M300.shn

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