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Garcia 11/17/81
Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary JGB: 2nd gen aud, maybe 1st ("my friend made more than one copy off Gary's Master Cass") > NakCR3A > Hard Drive > Flac16. 
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Jerry Garcia Band 1981-11-17
Uptown Theater Chicago Il

D1T01 How Sweet It Is
D1T02 They Love each Other
D1T03 Sitting In Limbo
D1T04 Valerie
D1T05 Let It Rock
D1T06 Mississippi Moon
D1T07 Tangled Up In Blue

(Second Set)

D1T08 The Way You Do The Things You Do
D2T01 Ill Take A Mellody
D2T02 Mystery train
D2T03 Simple Twist Of Fate
D2T04 The Night They Drove Ol'Dixie Down
D2T05 Dear Prudence//
D2T06 //The Harder They Come
D2T07 Sugaree

2nd gen Aud, Maybe 1st, my friend made more than one copy off Gary's Master.
Cass> NakCR3A> Hard Drive> Flack6> You...enjoy!

Cut//at the end of Dear Prudence and the 1st note's of Harder they Come.
Thank You Gary for the tape wherever you are.
A special thank you to the TDK SAC90's for hanging in there through the long strange trip.

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE problems filename
     8:54.74       94371884    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T01 How Sweet It Is.flac
     7:27.30       78921772    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T02 They Love Each Other.flac
    13:10.44      139460652    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T03 Sitting In Limbo.flac
     7:28.60       79167532    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T04 Valerie.flac
     8:46.05       92799020    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T05 Let It Rock.flac
    12:28.74      132120620    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T06 Mississippi Moon.flac
    10:33.05      111673388    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T07 Tangled Up In Blue.flac
     8:16.05       87506988    -b-   --   ---xx   D1T08 The Way You Do The Things You Do.flac
    13:50.54      146538540    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T01 Ill Take A Mellody.flac
     8:37.12       91226156    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T02 Mystery Train.flac
    15:32.18      164446252    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac
     9:05.29       96206892    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T04 The Night Thet Drove Ol Dixie Down.flac
    12:07.33      128319532    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T05 Dear Prudence.flac
    11:48.02      124895276    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T06 Harder They Come.flac
     8:37.05       91209772    -b-   --   ---xx   D2T07 Sugaree.flac
   156:43.74     1658864276 B                     (totals for 15 files, 0.6909 overall compression ratio)
Show Checksums
55f2d7ef65fa4ee2260c023b90222187 *D1T01 How Sweet It Is.flac
0d29f4802478c20d40e5b624dc551d9e *D1T02 They Love Each Other.flac
8e760d4eb230348162094896b7391602 *D1T03 Sitting In Limbo.flac
4649a134312ef5f4574ac5670f81269a *D1T04 Valerie.flac
78f0437deba25a121dc08dd09e959341 *D1T05 Let It Rock.flac
70b229031e6b245ed40ede676ccaf654 *D1T06 Mississippi Moon.flac
0bca1bf6fabf0e24a6c33cf8b62bd75b *D1T07 Tangled Up In Blue.flac
567b92f0dd84551db817572f3479645e *D1T08 The Way You Do The Things You Do.flac
6bc504a4f797b3cebd5165953c37ba1e *D2T01 Ill Take A Mellody.flac
19bdbdc5087f029ea720c52b7162e710 *D2T02 Mystery Train.flac
7f61696c2d4fe14c453b0675a4368b06 *D2T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac
a93421d2511657c9a4184bbe649e3a3c *D2T04 The Night Thet Drove Ol Dixie Down.flac
e03b86b9c2e5a5bc8b7fb00b12102e8a *D2T05 Dear Prudence.flac
addafd073be689b3ab4756ca8038e990 *D2T06 Harder They Come.flac
a7da96c279fcf2d6805e9917fd7b4bd9 *D2T07 Sugaree.flac

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04/11/2006 jjoops-garcia As indicated by the shntool output, every track has sector boundary errors.