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String Cheese Incident 11/01/03
Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas, NV
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 3 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4 > CMC6XT > V3 > Sony D8 @16/44.1; Transfer: Sony D8 > zoltrix nigthingale pro 6 > cool edit pro (bass dithering) > CD Wave (splits) > shn 
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String Cheese Incident
Cox Pavillion,
Las Vegas, NV

disc 1:
Set 1:  
Missin' Me^ >
Can't Stop Now,
Who Am I?,
Ring of Fire,

Disc 2  
Set 2:  
Valley of the Jig > Jam >
Wake Up > Jam >
Way Back Home,
Orion's Belt?,
How Sweet It Is?,

Disc 3

It Is What It Is,
Lonesome Fiddle Blues?,
Just Passing Through?  

San Jose?  
Guests:  ? with Martin Fierro  
Notes:  ? with When Doves Cry jam
? with Happy Birthday to JonO
^ unfinished  

Taped by Pete Coffan via Jaimie Lutch
Transferred by Pete Coffan

Location:DFC approx 30'back/center
Source: MK4>CMC6XT>v3>Sony D8 @16/44.1
Transfer: Sony D8> zotrix nigthingale pro 6 > cool edit pro (bass dithering) > CDWave (splits) > shn

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c07aeed92fc24828c39b62cc59879210 *sci2003-11-01d101.shn
5ec25988d0c70ef96a7863655293fc53 *sci2003-11-01d102.shn
c0bcbfb31cca4283824eb764f208fcd8 *sci2003-11-01d103.shn
90a3bd910215b6d556a02ef738a943dd *sci2003-11-01d104.shn
f8c9279b465be87379a4d8340aa71950 *sci2003-11-01d105.shn
84aaafa316496df57c890c9c3d8b357b *sci2003-11-01d106.shn
b836823367c3babe83b15b37db0996fb *sci2003-11-01d107.shn
4e28d55e125167b0918d23061d3f6436 *sci2003-11-01d108.shn
263d8b2dc1ed543201fc61c76ebb8201 *sci2003-11-01d201.shn
2e4294aa896584c5571e423ee25865d6 *sci2003-11-01d202.shn
7d5312e5e7f3347db1bfdc0b2f40dbeb *sci2003-11-01d203.shn
e90bddfc1726f79e75013902943846bb *sci2003-11-01d204.shn
d276bb26500712815e754c42b614dc2d *sci2003-11-01d205.shn
2066fe6a3ccdb4c71e64e4324ce7e4aa *sci2003-11-01d301.shn
1d7ac094e25fd801d61a5773ff0fe120 *sci2003-11-01d302.shn
c4122fffbea1ec03d015cc42976544dd *sci2003-11-01d303.shn
2183df07a806e8f32e6e249b0286c296 *sci2003-11-01d304.shn
3639162465dfa8458d717954412c6875 *sci2003-11-01d305.shn

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