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String Cheese Incident 04/20/03
Suwannee Music Park, Live Oak, FL
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Entered by Scott Sebok
Checksums md5
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Source Summary AKG 391's > (warm-mod) UA-5 > Sony PCM-M1 > Sony PCM-M1 > Audiophile 2496 > CD Wave > SHN 
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String Cheese Incident
Suwanee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

Source: AKG 391's > (warm) UA-5 > M1
Transfer: M1 > Audiophile2496 > CDWAV > Shn

Taped and Transferred by Brian Gore

Set 1
Disk 1:

1. Smile
2. Lonesome Fiddle Blues>
3. Get Up Stand Up>
4. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
5. Walls of Time
6. Chameleon>
7. Joyful Sound>
8. Little Hands>
9. Ramble On

Set 2
Disk 2:

1. Rivertrance>
2. Suwannee River
3. Down the Line
4. Restless Wind*

Disk 3:
1. Round the Wheel>
2. Eat My Dust>
3. Emma's Dream>
4. Howard>
5. Round the Wheel

6. The Old Home Place
7. Rhythm of the Road

*Band wishes Travis a Happy Birthday after song
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cf21028e4ac4ae5a279d5df6fd362876 *sci2003-04-20d101.shn
2d506b33e7719b8edb6c07b24d97612f *sci2003-04-20d102.shn
48ac2144ccefaec73a6b1baedc0fe439 *sci2003-04-20d103.shn
b073d05128904adf871e6fb061ca682c *sci2003-04-20d104.shn
9f86e09fb0cd2e2fea250a5ddd40a206 *sci2003-04-20d105.shn
864a8fdef21d76f4abbf8a89d80093c1 *sci2003-04-20d106.shn
92249772410422e652a7b29673969596 *sci2003-04-20d107.shn
e1cdbab6cacc10011de92de6bb510fd7 *sci2003-04-20d108.shn
59ddab927bda1422a4fe7a9bebaa0ad0 *sci2003-04-20d109.shn
fbb4414742e000aeb77039b36e3ba87d *sci2003-04-20d201.shn
6fa4a82ac545918754ad7e160cfa5c66 *sci2003-04-20d202.shn
f0d8ea5d5bd57101a5730aef2101be1e *sci2003-04-20d203.shn
43990f947223b5acf00af95d6ed6de88 *sci2003-04-20d204.shn
07cf83a453a3d0ea3ec78450e10e30c5 *sci2003-04-20d301.shn
a30c6c416f1c39f6768430cbdc612072 *sci2003-04-20d302.shn
253cf131773739d1ae2cfda46e780c88 *sci2003-04-20d303.shn
7e07015a0286a35a4fdee307e3e11252 *sci2003-04-20d304.shn
f51726afe31b0e1c14c585c749cd64d7 *sci2003-04-20d305.shn
27d4de3cb6af3980a8508b14fcdaf8d0 *sci2003-04-20d306.shn
8e8308efc443d89378c5cbd2d05c6ae2 *sci2003-04-20d307.shn

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