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String Cheese Incident 03/09/01
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMXY-4 > Audio Magic cables > Lunatec V2 > Yamaha O1V Digital mixer + SBD > Apogee Rosetta 24 bit A/D > Yamaha O1V Digital mixer; Yamaha O1V 16 bit AES > Tascam DAP1 analog out > SBM-1 > patch bay > D8 CD xfer: Otari DTR-8S > Waveterminal 2496 > Cool Edit Pro > CDWav > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
3/9/01 - Warfield, San Francisco, CA
JonO's Matrix Mix:
Schoeps CMXY-4 > Audio Magic cables > Lunatec V2 > Yamaha O1V Digital mixer
SBD > Apogee Rosetta 24 bit A/D > Yamaha O1V Digital mixer
Yamaha O1V 16 bit AES > Tascam DAP1 analog out# > SBM-1 > patch bay > D8  
CD xfer: Otari DTR-8S > Waveterminal 2496 > Cool Edit Pro > CDWav

CD1 Set 1:
1) On the Road >
2) Jam >
3) Mouna Bowa
4) Born on the Wrong Planet?
5) Up the Canyon
6) Blue Bossa

CD2 Set 1 Cont.
1) Little Hands >
2) Jam >
3) On the Road
Set 2: (O1V->DAP1->cloned in hotel after show)
4) Set 2 Intro.
5) Cedar > Jam >
6) Black Clouds
7) MLT

CD3 Set 2 Cont.
1) Take a Little Time
2) Missing Me >
3) Land's End
4) Finnish National Anthem (only Travis on piano)
5) Smile
Filler: Last 30 mins of Paul Pena's 50 min opening set.
6) Example of Khoomei Throat Singing
7) Example of Sygyt Throat Singing
8) Example of Kargyraa Throat Singing (Kargyraa Moan)
9) Swing Low
10) Jet Airliner w/ SCI
11) New Train w/ SCI

? with Nershi on vocals
Paul Pena opened.
Entire band played on Jet Airliner and New Train to close his set.

# All D7/D8/D100/M1 masters were from the lead DAP1's analog out->SBM-1
as the little Sony's won't exept the AES signal from the O1V.
The 2nd set and encore are from a clone off of John Hart's DAP1 master
No analog->SBM1 or drop out in 2nd set... all decks that came out of
the SBM-1->patch bay have a drop (battery died) in the Land's End.

Recorded, xfered to hard drive, and shn'd by [email protected]
Show Checksums
3a9bd7857c0938cb90a4968872c2f2b7 *sci01_3_9d1t6.shn
ed6a00e456f06e4397043c40314493c9 *sci01_3_9d1t2.shn
c1a1e9b984f07575d1f3cf97ce8dc81c *sci01_3_9d1t3.shn
5e9dbe3d4a340f7984dba2bd97d39008 *sci01_3_9d1t4.shn
69c18715ff09ba42e1c794410c395df1 *sci01_3_9d1t5.shn
abebb95cc0806567378ae6f2e962fb51 *sci01_3_9d1t1.shn
74a6407bc408997c2372dcc3e58a80a8 *sci01_3_9d2t7.shn
088589566b460a14da3993a730672d5d *sci01_3_9d2t2.shn
01a5f93305407268a66adb0f08d92a3f *sci01_3_9d2t3.shn
a10cf6deecd74ffacd6e9bb719b46d26 *sci01_3_9d2t4.shn
5de8ca98be204fa08f008e5a53db4e36 *sci01_3_9d2t5.shn
b7011ca62f41b5ffc04762ac3a1402cb *sci01_3_9d2t6.shn
e6ef0142bd70b66b15c82f4242f0bb9d *sci01_3_9d2t1.shn
9177e6c533e7bea5a2682a6f4ee3d010 *sci01_3_9d3t11.shn
5666d09a2b1ecf63006d0e5fec8c4f63 *sci01_3_9d3t02.shn
9bc37bd6c02a4c81cb19750c97d8d8d4 *sci01_3_9d3t03.shn
68ace47affa3217d961f76ce8bf4bbad *sci01_3_9d3t04.shn
95937b0ee9ea4c8947f8b4fd447b6e87 *sci01_3_9d3t05.shn
2bb858652cdb3ec5aeb15d8aa7d80f36 *sci01_3_9d3t06.shn
dab14cca1507b17c39f9b7fbe90e6a11 *sci01_3_9d3t07.shn
d8aa50731af643f03375325a658e2ba3 *sci01_3_9d3t08.shn
164cb80836f2d3b2cc98c1d35e15bcc9 *sci01_3_9d3t09.shn
5cd8a8c9bffaa48c13a9f7425c664516 *sci01_3_9d3t10.shn
488dfe148279d354d965720df5de346b *sci01_3_9d3t01.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
DSBD Matrix (digital feed... (1) Neumann TLM170 > Lunatec V2... (0)
Date User Comment
04/10/2001 Brad Leblanc The dropout that Colin is talking about in set II occurs in Land's End. In other words, all the DAT's running from the SBM-1 patch bay have the drop, luckily Colin got a clean copy of this set post-show. Wonderful run at the Warfield! Many thanks to the work Colin put into this set for us!
06/18/2001 Adam Bishop These Warfield run recordings are very possibly the best audience recording I've ever heard. Simply fantastic! If I didn't already know these were audience recordings, I would have sworn that they were SBDs. Not enough positive things can be said for the recordings of these incredible shows. I won't even get into how much I've been enjoying the music. Hats off to JonO and matrix mix!