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Steve Kimock 12/24/99
4th Street Tavern, San Rafael, CA
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Source Summary {onstage} AKG C-61 > DA-P1 (DAT) > DAT > WAV via Midiman 2496 > SHN 
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Alan Hertz's Marijuana Jazz Band
4th Street Tavern
San Francisco, CA

Steve Kimock--guitar
Bobby Vega--bass
Alan Hertz--drums
Terry Haggerty--guitar
Chip Roland--organ
Kendrick Freeman--percussion

Disc One:
Bad Hair (20:09)
Eegads (30:59)
Africa (21:57)

Disc Two:
Cissy Strut (12:30)
Noodling/Tuning (5:12)
What I Say (30:47)
Footprints (18:49)

Disc Three:
Porn Crash (19:24)
My Favorite Things (30:49)
In A Silent Way (12:07)

source:  AKG C-61 (onstage)->DAT->Midiman 2496 digital sound card->WAV->SHN.  
DAT->PC transfer and .shn by Syd Schwartz .  
Thanks to Alan Hertz for allowing this to circulate and extra thanks to
The Panel who continue to provide the highest quality Kimock stage mic'd
Kimock DATs available.  This is perhaps the finest Kimock performance of
1999--spread it far and wide!f
1999--spread it far and wide!
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cd5da1bc77352c729b2fc671667f7721 *mjb99-12-24d1t1.shn
1540e42fe5ee5c0b5318aab8f28621b7 *mjb99-12-24d1t2.shn
c37be91f52dafb3bf7e938fc61199bf9 *mjb99-12-24d1t3.shn
260278742288c274f1133532432888df *mjb99-12-24d2t1.shn
5c1480f9d15f75f4852e99063ebff3b3 *mjb99-12-24d2t2.shn
37517a956f5fe30018094e538f7e0674 *mjb99-12-24d2t3.shn
5351a3eee2ad3a9e4d186ba7c2813e77 *mjb99-12-24d2t4.shn
452ce509f86554934413e08f0381fb99 *mjb99-12-24d3t1.shn
f1057c489390237405765288eee36c56 *mjb99-12-24d3t2.shn
4556bbb85fe36f0976aed07f93bed459 *mjb99-12-24d3t3.shn

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