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Grateful Dead 08/05/89
Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , orig-flac-replaygain-md5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; Seamless fix of shn id 13206 - Set 2 only; SBD>CM>DAT>CD>EAC>SHN w/AUD patch. Note Added 11/9/08: Reflac version w/o replay gain added. See info file for details 
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Grateful Dead
Cal Expo Amphitheater
Sacramento, California
Fix of shnid 13206

There was a gap of about 40 or 50 seconds in Space (where the break
between CDs 2 and 3 was originally) which I filled with a very good
AUD from (shnid 3871). It's hard to hear where the patch
is, but if you look at the wave pattern in an editor you can see
easily where it is. The usual: SHNs to FLAC, shntool to cleanup the

Bill Tetzeli ([email protected])
5:41 PM 6/19/2006
When this source was first circulated, the flac files contained
REPLAYGAIN tags. The wav files compressed inside the flac files are
fine, but if you listen to the flac files themselves using a player
like WinAMP, these tags cause all the tracks to be played at the same
volume. That's not good for concerts where some tracks are supposed to
be louder than others.

There's a new version of this source available. It has exactly the
same wav files; it's just the flac wrapper that's different, the
wrapper doesn't have REPLAYGAIN set anymore. The new version has the
same ffp file (since the wav's are the same), but a new md5 file
(since the flac files are different). The md5 file for the old source
is called "orig-flac-replaygain-md5"; the md5 file for the good new
source is called "flac-md5". If you have a source for this that
matches the ffp, you can create the new source by unflac'ing the old
source and then recompressing at flac level 8 using the flac command
line tool or the flac frontend.

From now on, only the new version of the source should be circulated.

SteveSw - Nov, 2008

EAC'd and SHN'd by Charlie Miller

patch source: FOB Schoeps MK2 (spread)>dat>cdr>EAC>SHN

CD 1
01. Hey Pocky Way
02. Playin' in the Band >
03. I Know You Rider
04. Terrapin Station >
05. Drums >
06. Space >

CD 2
02. Standing on the Moon >
03. Throwin' Stones >
04. Not Fade Away >

E: 05. U.S. Blues

seeded to etree 11/18/02
by: Patrick White

[email protected]


    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     7:12.30       76275404 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6844  gd89-08-05d2t01.flac
     7:26.15       78709724 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6603  gd89-08-05d2t02.flac
     6:39.12       70411868 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.7164  gd89-08-05d2t03.flac
    12:52.61      136324316 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6957  gd89-08-05d2t04.flac
     3:51.25       40807244 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5561  gd89-08-05d2t05.flac
    11:08.49      117950492 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5328  gd89-08-05d2t06.flac
     1:26.47       15280988 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5612  gd89-08-05d3t01.flac
     9:53.17      104645228 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6607  gd89-08-05d3t02.flac
    10:10.36      107688716 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.7144  gd89-08-05d3t03.flac
    12:59.61      137559116 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6572  gd89-08-05d3t04.flac
     6:01.43       63781580 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6890  gd89-08-05d3t05.flac
    89:42.21      949434676 B                            0.6572  (11 files)
Show Checksums
810484b133f45ee1fa7ec5a1f98939dc *gd89-08-05d2t01.flac
6824fa84f3c6f9083625d1e52e37d398 *gd89-08-05d2t02.flac
ea4325c54c5426b7d6a2c988b328dd5c *gd89-08-05d2t03.flac
0e9533749ea63ef408a63126917601bc *gd89-08-05d2t04.flac
07ceaf067a0997d807082e6915caec93 *gd89-08-05d2t05.flac
5734fd172a5c87b0a5b9fac2835d6e2d *gd89-08-05d2t06.flac
4dcf407fc847c9eecc124effbfdeba4a *gd89-08-05d3t01.flac
234430e63fbfc6998398581cdd937e2b *gd89-08-05d3t02.flac
7d30b44deea2295a840bd530c5db3c60 *gd89-08-05d3t03.flac
a0fa33efd7d4e861c47518b6da5eff94 *gd89-08-05d3t04.flac
1cc17f476256e4da827d5dc3150a19cd *gd89-08-05d3t05.flac
2c9799743ff61a3bdccb91b7979f1044 *gd89-08-05d2t01.flac
8954eaa6765659bbe7717e4a71d62163 *gd89-08-05d2t02.flac
463fb45b6ab5fc7821e0de7641efeaee *gd89-08-05d2t03.flac
9ddfd1b319279adbc38d07eb692e3c0e *gd89-08-05d2t04.flac
4c9911183ab92a70692d43b3ed81d5f0 *gd89-08-05d2t05.flac
fe9ae5dd81880b505093eeac8bb87a6e *gd89-08-05d2t06.flac
353d9aa9bae348234745a4d8912e7e61 *gd89-08-05d3t01.flac
a7c01aca288b443adeb8f4bf73f26856 *gd89-08-05d3t02.flac
7078d37726f995cea3242840dad325e8 *gd89-08-05d3t03.flac
a227880e1e36f23fb99f5114e95ffc76 *gd89-08-05d3t04.flac
aeb02507bd80f6a9658d686505273caf *gd89-08-05d3t05.flac

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Date User Comment
11/09/2006 btet This was inadvertently FLAC encoded with replaygain. If you're playing the FLACs in Winamp you should reFLAC the files without the replaygain option. If you're burning extracted .wavs to CD, these are unaffected and no reFLACing is necessary. I apologize for the error.