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String Cheese Incident 04/14/01
The Backyard, Austin, TX
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Source # 3760 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary B&K 4011's (FOH) > Lunatec V2 > AD2K+ > Patchbay > DA-P1 Conversion: D8 > Hercules spdif sound card > sound forgeXP > .wav > MKW > .shnv3 
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The Backyard, Austin, TX

Source: (FOH)B&K4011's>V2>AD2K+>Patchbay>p1

Conversion: D8>Hercules spdif sound card>sound forgeXP>wav>mkw>shnv3
   ***by theche[email protected] if there are any problems please let me know**
Seeded to etree by Robert Stueve [email protected]

Disc 1
Set 1:
1 Intro
2 Restless Wind,
3 Lost,
4 Inspiration,
5 Hold What You've Got,
6 Want,
7 Climb > Jam >
8 Rhythm of the Road

Disc 2
Set 2:
1 Intro
2 Boom-Bapa-Boom?,
3 Black and White?,
4 Latinissmo,
5 Take a Little Time,
6 Turn This Around >
7 Jam >
8 Land's End
9 (cheers)
******80 min cd******

Disc 3  
1 Intro
2 Jellyfish >
3 Midnight Moonlight,
4 Round the Wheel >
5 Boogie on Reggae Woman >
6 Round the Wheel

? with Jimmie Vaughan on guitar and vocals
First Time Played: Boom-Bapa-Boom (Jimmie Vaughan cover)
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c0c1fc5001181a2631d0a72346a2fc45 *sci01-4-14d1t01.shn
0450a90777c9031b557b40edb23e9a5d *sci01-4-14d1t02.shn
35cf49e02cd76966ffd01bdac3506909 *sci01-4-14d1t03.shn
88a198301aada6a784bed03bc8de8c66 *sci01-4-14d1t04.shn
c04861e95c56afe80f010a102e4e89d7 *sci01-4-14d1t05.shn
fac4fcff489cc18ceff2c1661536139d *sci01-4-14d1t06.shn
4cad2748846dd5b3ce6c56122f5d06e4 *sci01-4-14d1t07.shn
4230e5fc8ad69e4309b3ff3b6ef9d7a6 *sci01-4-14d1t08.shn
39bdc71e353f6b95e23f17f23b061def *sci01-4-14d2t01.shn
5bea007f7af064fd754c1055c1ee723e *sci01-4-14d2t03.shn
07b55e355691a3f293a1f17794f66f31 *sci01-4-14d2t04.shn
cae79a19d36025ffac56df836030755b *sci01-4-14d2t05.shn
0328c8d98beab2380afecf47c53c85f9 *sci01-4-14d2t06.shn
e0e0cf1c4a65875de896b817417996a3 *sci01-4-14d2t07.shn
3560d044c08ac55bcef2a48b86b33f5c *sci01-4-14d2t09.shn
d1ddd3de0bd44c74ec51bd8395dea0d8 *sci01-4-14d2t08.shn
9d418d9f87c1df5dd267f577fd0b753e *sci01-4-14d2t02.shn
7076e629cf4c310def27dcc7a8355489 *sci01-4-14d3t01.shn
d0e97eac0e5a2432469b8ad33e849cc3 *sci01-4-14d3t02.shn
99dcc1fe9d9cc5b2a22ac8a36c8d51fa *sci01-4-14d3t03.shn
5552c9fb188d53fe944de2725e6f46a0 *sci01-4-14d3t04.shn
9a0f8e034e3eb301d4336d32af5426db *sci01-4-14d3t05.shn
ef89f8734293c1468e993c56a10a5bb3 *sci01-4-14d3t06.shn

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