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Phish 10/15/86
Hunt's, Burlington, VT
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Source # 377 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2p1 , d3 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary SBD > Cass/0> DAT; DA-20 > Zefiro ZA2 > Yamaha 4260 > SHN; Transferred by Phil Nazzaro; Seeded by Ben Greenfield; Note: this is originally from MockingTree #2 
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10-15-86 Hunt's, Burlington, VT
Mockingbird Tree #2
Source: SBD?>Cass0>SBM>DAT
Transfer by Phil Nazzaro: DA-20> Zefiro> Quantum Scuzzy HD> Yamaha 4260
Uploaded by Ben Greenfield ([email protected])
Notes: Often labeled 04-20-87. Paul Languedoc's first show as soundman.

Disc 1
1. Alumni Blues
2. Makisupa Policeman
3. Skin It Back >
4. Cities
5. I Am Hydrogen
6. McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters
7. AC/DC Bag
8. Jazz Interlude*
9. You Enjoy Myself
10. Lushington
Begin Set 2
11. Peaches En Regalia
12. Golgi Apparatus
13. Swing Low Sweet Chariot Jam

Disc 2: Set Two continued
1. Camel Walk
2. Shaggy Dog
3. Mustang Sally
4. Fluffhead
5. Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley
6. Wilson
7. Slave to the Traffic Light
8. Quinn the Eskimo
9. Mike's Song
10. Have Mercy
11. Harry Hood

Disc 3: Set 3
1. Run Like an Antelope**
2. Sanity
3. Anarchy
4. E: Clod
FILLER: Trey Anastasio 5-15-99 acoustic set
Filler Source: Schoeps CMC64>Apogee-2000>DA-P1>
5.  Minestrone
6.  Get Back on the Train
7.  Farmhouse
8.  talk: introducing next song
9.  Kissed by Mist
10.  Beauty of My Dreams
11.  Wading in the Velvet Sea
12.  Snowflakes in the Sand
13.  Possum
14.  Billy Breathes
15.  You'll Know My Name

*Page plays while Trey tunes. **Sung as "roll like a cantaloupe."

Show Checksums
ac2a6bf70e1ef09fbf90c9617810d0a9 *ph86-10-15d1t06.shn
a9c8a943dd128b139b1c01d79a31f90d *ph86-10-15d1t07.shn
79a37f6c1ece6362e97065652c34a853 *ph86-10-15d1t08.shn
7d22fb90e734f05e8357c1211edc4035 *ph86-10-15d1t01.shn
d38d20b0488ea2629769da75f7c035f3 *ph86-10-15d1t11.shn
ab2bda141205753d8dafafb6b360617d *ph86-10-15d1t12.shn
6fe512ceaebac5b435168dae4a0721ba *ph86-10-15d1t02.shn
5e3efaa153381067d8987c35b8c3f661 *ph86-10-15d1t03.shn
5407b4f9d5ccca9c0b8b23b0e036bf42 *ph86-10-15d1t04.shn
c2fec850b1c8e1159ad7d8165fe07461 *ph86-10-15d1t09.shn
9d0144a00776924bf0e047c1d7951a95 *ph86-10-15d1t05.shn
2d67433a603af7204cf9e9593209b395 *ph86-10-15d1t10.shn
f6d48c83eba0823d2e8adac59b30ed34 *ph86-10-15d1t13.shn

77e885e03f17c78068652182d438ac38 *ph86-10-15d2t03.shn
b9a34d7708284930acca0519eb389455 *ph86-10-15d2t05.shn
7fa8ce41e976cef57a2cf766d3478b9a *ph86-10-15d2t06.shn
6884ad1d6fc3cd50ad2e490d9ba171c7 *ph86-10-15d2t01.shn
68f2abc477dbff9330a113dc26899d6c *ph86-10-15d2t02.shn
c94d2f47e546679a6b511f8be0bfb73b *ph86-10-15d2t04.shn
6edd7331bff0c70017248e32a2de60fc *ph86-10-15d2t07.shn
9fe412ad8b5d5b78082372f6dc97f1fc *ph86-10-15d2t08.shn
ad7a7655e7bc1a822aa3392c49cb5bb2 *ph86-10-15d2t09.shn
2e8ad34570740dd75c3c59576527a676 *ph86-10-15d2t10.shn
e1ac969e3017677126269e64b42655fd *ph86-10-15d2t11.shn
b40a26cabb32036df3008f652d5558a8 *ph86-10-15d3t01.shn
25485904e0135cb9901ce29d62b18cd6 *ph86-10-15d3t02.shn
c04f57faceb96bf743117245703b01fe *ph86-10-15d3t03.shn
2bc72b04da7b1a84c1d090c7e287c407 *ph86-10-15d3t04.shn

e583dea79875e5852be974b2fb9adbcd [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t01.shn
dd6fc09bfee6d824c9517b996c5a485e [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t02.shn
c4927c7a7e25f163b1eae7f13418a118 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t03.shn
6fc49e027e5efbb69a3d86db28d6400f [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t04.shn
ec328ed9696d20503f9e7c1f4a311660 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t05.shn
ee2b8b61dc54008d96cb71b0102947d6 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t06.shn
531c237f037b911cd7e360059dced827 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t07.shn
8dcdbcf9a2ec3597070a82fd0ecfbde9 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t08.shn
4bdda2086babeb8e9a86a53ac01d5b83 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t09.shn
decff9e1bce28d987eea6fdcfb30e058 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t10.shn
d0ec23a0c003694218e3b2a4e99845b1 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t11.shn
0e97aab844fdb6e5138387ebb442f96c [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t12.shn
96528ebab0be3bf89316bc49fe3e5053 [shntool] ph86-10-15d1t13.shn
519d0911b890eef8dc00e618dc9aebc8 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t01.shn
f10e2dacad93d8bf58f892be3de94103 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t02.shn
bbf4323bd7abe531014a04ef34cda0db [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t03.shn
60118038351bea810f242bbc3db747a7 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t04.shn
6d3703fd832676749c99c1e23fd04d05 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t05.shn
b7e0664925b626856d85692f4effe9ca [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t06.shn
5b52527ccf96f8d42dfddea3e352086f [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t07.shn
a76ed678ad7b9d89cadd2f163644eaf6 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t08.shn
599be271dc9b3b2f7fa46c3a817a8100 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t09.shn
00110fe7a6e332fef20b911adf1aecc8 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t10.shn
ff2d8bdbd34fc41bed3201c349d13e52 [shntool] ph86-10-15d2t11.shn
b1b1f606e18240b79dd9fe02de7a65b3 [shntool] ph86-10-15d3t01.shn
e7b5376e9fcc8372050a164f84d5971c [shntool] ph86-10-15d3t02.shn
190087e404b50b688bf27301955b77db [shntool] ph86-10-15d3t03.shn
e75270a7301ea99baf5fb0e822ccd7a3 [shntool] ph86-10-15d3t04.shn

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