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String Cheese Incident 03/15/01
Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps MK41s (hypercards)/CMC6 > Sound Devices MP2 > Sonic AD2k+ > Sony D7; Unknown Transfer Equipment 
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String Cheese Incident
3/15/01 - Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA

Disc 1/Set 1: Born on the Wrong Planet, Little Hands > Jam > Hold What
You've Got, Pygmy Pony, Cedar > Jam > Fire*

Disc 2/Set 2: Turn This Around > Jam > Lonesome Road Blues, Take a Little
Time?, On the Road

Disc 3: Rollover > So What > Rollover  

Encore: Drifting Away, Round the Wheel

? with Liza Oxnard on vocals
*First Time Played: Fire (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Source: Schoeps MK41s (hypercards)/CMC6 > Sound Devices MP2 > Sonic
AD2k+>Sony D7

SHNed by Stephen Williams ([email protected])

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3164f2fa8df60427af5cc1147efb368b *sci01-03-15d1t01.shn
1ecbcbea0320d026485ba4fd317d85e7 *sci01-03-15d1t02.shn
07f60e9421bd6eaef7fe213f9071e513 *sci01-03-15d1t03.shn
12c398ad0bf8d5c8d967787c549f0a43 *sci01-03-15d1t04.shn
a3bd8293e2cab4a4d8099398b385727a *sci01-03-15d1t05.shn
6d09e58b5bbd86850331faaea7c50a98 *sci01-03-15d1t06.shn
7ad22fb38e6dbd17f42c5621f2bf6458 *sci01-03-15d1t07.shn
b3a99881a4fd2b32a5ce4266ab62b773 *sci01-03-15d1t08.shn
96f36d6f650dfff135488a0c3bbc26c3 *sci01-03-15d2t01.shn
440776ea2ff239bbc951ee92ba2b9494 *sci01-03-15d2t02.shn
43b2c292482cbb5097efdc9a67e00912 *sci01-03-15d2t03.shn
cc7f3cda45a26ed32911b946cd2ba81d *sci01-03-15d2t04.shn
b370b5ca8e8c64ef765d51404d6edd06 *sci01-03-15d2t05.shn
7464dce68aa38718e72d0d912a684672 *sci01-03-15d3t01.shn
4da6391f3f783f73e5478bfa222a61c3 *sci01-03-15d3t02.shn
297184adb9e2d6c760dcd1058e65378c *sci01-03-15d3t03.shn
320f40a8730156a21dbd1657e3ae4b76 *sci01-03-15d3t04.shn

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