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Club d'Elf 05/17/01
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
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Entered by Eric McRoberts
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1.wav , d2.wav , d3.wav
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (On Stage) Schoeps cmc64(xy 90)->Lunatec 316(+36dB)->DA-P1 @44.1kHz. Recorded, transferred, and encoded by Eric McRoberts. DA-P1->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn 
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Club d'Elf 05-17-2001 The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA

Source: (On Stage) Schoeps cmc64(xy 90)->Lunatec 316(+36dB)->DA-P1 @44.1kHz
Recorded by Eric McRoberts, DA-P1 line in @ 3.0,
Audio Magic Apprentice xlr-rca from 316->p1. Master from DA-P1 used
in below transfer

Transfer: DA-P1->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn
by Eric McRoberts.  No resampling, normalizing, or DAE at all.

Minor Edits:  
5 second fades at start/end of each set.  Each set has a few mins of start
and trailing crowd noise, which are all tracked.  

Disk 1
      Set I:
1.  Crowd Noise
2.  Loop Improv/Dreams Met(Yes)
3.  Dhebke
4.  Dream Wanderer
5.  Improv

Disk 2
      Set I(Cont'd):
1.  Introductions
2.  Berber Song
3.  New 3(working title)
4.  Fire In The Brain

Disk 3
      Set II:
1.  Crowd Noise
2.  Invisible Landscape
3.  Jungle Adagio
4.  Scorpio
5.  Quilty

The Band:
Mike Rivard-Bass
Brahim Fribgane-Oud, Percussion, Vocal
Erik Kerr-Drums
Tom Hall-Saxaphone
Randy Roos-Guitar
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d63cef86f10fb6749f0f4c54484a9b38 *delf01-05-17d1t01.shn
fa4d734d6f92ceacce81e2820c44bd50 *delf01-05-17d1t02.shn
02c8e8b49e0e184a908b61f9e9df18af *delf01-05-17d1t03.shn
2eaddf823a10b3e17f16a11e3fc3bb1c *delf01-05-17d1t04.shn
b757d024f080cc4ec60d0900228f6fe3 *delf01-05-17d1t05.shn
5592cfb4ef4b94e74b8ff6f54f7e8ea0 *delf01-05-17d2t01.shn
7e430700d653a793e38d8988e1712f2c *delf01-05-17d2t02.shn
c3254bb4736ca4ebc716ab3647a00768 *delf01-05-17d2t03.shn
94a6e4c63df7aa0e5636fece01695a56 *delf01-05-17d2t04.shn
baccdb73c71da02848ee0ce0dacce6d5 *delf01-05-17d3t01.shn
a46a404b877d0299b395df8014e65e36 *delf01-05-17d3t02.shn
c64471109982d5efddc541ce0197e201 *delf01-05-17d3t03.shn
73f5e317bcbee027c44dd7c544e5267a *delf01-05-17d3t04.shn
32ee56be7aed18f167807d083394577a *delf01-05-17d3t05.shn
c987f34e06d883bb6ee838a66da4c7bb *delf01-05-17d1t01.wav
d93a0d28c71a6b8a87074b342af60306 *delf01-05-17d1t02.wav
43a5f95f1fea0f40bcfabfcc63f7a186 *delf01-05-17d1t03.wav
87aac078660591fbba1fb94ae6bb2e1e *delf01-05-17d1t04.wav
796817fa375d86dc17dca60b4caa7f43 *delf01-05-17d1t05.wav
70fa9b6af6b70109ae3ab86ca5f3d471 *delf01-05-17d2t03.wav
0f9f3d6e12599fb987e0592fbd86e2e7 *delf01-05-17d2t02.wav
fb1848b92582524a8badcd988a7ad31d *delf01-05-17d2t01.wav
0eb21657d04ae22f63118a6bcb4212e6 *delf01-05-17d2t04.wav
8e3665cae3ecc8fdf292ce865714c90e *delf01-05-17d3t04.wav
a1acaf75fcd90e2605aebfb3de03d7bb *delf01-05-17d3t02.wav
5d49bd576328babb96d5f4f796793677 *delf01-05-17d3t03.wav
956867efbeae87e772767bfafd1ffa88 *delf01-05-17d3t01.wav
771caf7aa0604edad88773af81cb0b69 *delf01-05-17d3t05.wav

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