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String Cheese Incident 05/04/01
Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG480/ck63's > Audio Magic active cables > Graham-Patten DMIC-20 > Sony D8; Tascam DA20 > coax > Soundblaster Live Platinum > Cool Edit Pro > CDwav > mkwACT > .shn 
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Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA

Taper: Zac Williams

Source: AKG480/ck63's > Audio Magic active cables > Graham-Patten DMIC-20 >
Sony D8

Conversion: Craig Downing
Tascam DA20 > coax > Soundblaster Live Platinum > Cool Edit Pro > CDwav >
mkwACT > shn

Disc 1, Set 1: (acoustic)
1.  Uphill Climb
2.  Big Mon
3.  Love Please Come Home
4.  Blackberry Blossom
5.  Minor Swing
6.  Texas
set 2:
7.  Shine
8.  MLT >
9.  Lost
10. Long Gone

Disc 2, Set 2 cont...
1.  Close Your Eyes
2.  Cedar
3.  Jellyfish? >
4.  Jam? >
5.  How Mountain Girls Can Love?
Set 3:
6.  Galactic?

Disc 3, Set 3 cont...
1.  Smile
2.  Sittin' on Top of the World
3.  Land's End >
4.  Kashmir >
5.  Land's End >
6.  Shantytown

? with DJ Logic on turntables
The band gradually made its way onto the stage for the first set. Nershi
played solo on Uphill Climb. Kang joined at Big Mon. Keith joined at Love
Please Come Home. Travis joined at Minor Swing. Kyle joined at Texas.

First Time Played: Uphill Climb (Nershi original)

Show Checksums
7b2e1d0a328c1d64f4408b65a835efe4 *sci01-05-04d1t04.shn
0f9fb9413355fedf5dff060ac9a25d41 *sci01-05-04d1t02.shn
287b273cb8aa47e95beedf20a4991c2a *sci01-05-04d1t03.shn
359d3b1d6802666b1fa8c35c2b8a59f7 *sci01-05-04d1t01.shn
63929b700228e71239cd3a57d99400e5 *sci01-05-04d1t05.shn
c5272ed8d970f5b4f82eeeeb0ec6c681 *sci01-05-04d1t06.shn
8c61e456b2e877216ac3f45c42d4e5ad *sci01-05-04d1t07.shn
caef9efb8f22621a48e079b51ebd1b54 *sci01-05-04d1t08.shn
0d30295d4585b0c927159e48fe6e4841 *sci01-05-04d1t09.shn
18721bf7cfca448eeb1df87f13ca94e0 *sci01-05-04d1t10.shn
943cf0b693b2b46ce2748317dd4b8f6d *sci01-05-04d2t01.shn
66be7c681a0a378991fdcea1f82ee796 *sci01-05-04d2t02.shn
c51b5f2cf87bbac8ba1c64fa5863aa17 *sci01-05-04d2t03.shn
9ee261da14f24dfb2cba72cf35fa1f91 *sci01-05-04d2t04.shn
075db066ae3f9085ee37036b85dea904 *sci01-05-04d2t05.shn
b10187464aeec4d966f630ccab430ee3 *sci01-05-04d2t06.shn
663311a149da300e5faa4faca1979fc4 *sci01-05-04d2t07.shn
fc0fbe935b98a91a12b698878719be5b *sci01-05-04d3t01.shn
1a24f472255e67f69f39ef0c6800766c *sci01-05-04d3t02.shn
b4fc89c8e606faac98f659b5acd55ad1 *sci01-05-04d3t03.shn
3e1fd0595f4fe69795075d153a627a3d *sci01-05-04d3t04.shn
57cd025711a25b0b16b731260f723942 *sci01-05-04d3t05.shn
6ececf1de8031f4737f5fc37536a64ed *sci01-05-04d3t06.shn

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Date User Comment
03/04/2002 Don Deeley D2 has 7 tracks, though the info file only lists 6. Track 6 is mostly silence with a little crowd noise at the beginning.