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Jerry Garcia Band 11/03/93
Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band:FOB Sennheiser 441>DAT>CDR; via Mike Lai? 
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11/03/93 Knickerbocker Arena - Albany, NY
FOB>>daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr

Set 1:
d1t01-How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You, ,
d1t02-They Love Each Other,
d1t03-Freight Train* ** ***,
d1t04-I Shall Be Released,
d1t05-Run For The Roses,
d1t06-Dear Prudence,
d1t07-My Sisters And Brothers,
d1t08-Somebody To Love

Set 2:
d2t01-Shining Star,
d2t02-The Maker,
d2t03-Money Honey,
d2t04-Russian Lullaby,
d2t05-Ain't No Bread In The Breadbox,
d1t09-The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,
d1t10-Midnight Moonlight

Comment:  *=Freight Train is the
Elizabeth Cotten tune, **=first time played, ***=only time played. A
string had broke on Kahn's bass, so after telling the audience: "We're
fixing a string on the bass, so y'all talk amongst yourselves", Jerry led
Melvin and Kemper through a soft, sincere reading: Jer on his acoustic
patch and Melvin on piano.
Show Checksums
ecc5a07b798de3f4592f5c8c97a8c963 *jgb93-11-03d1t101.shn
22479285a6d48e734eea118f3f5a58e6 *jgb93-11-03d1t102.shn
a72ddc28b99eb72d56d67e0e65b6bcd5 *jgb93-11-03d1t103.shn
02d8c134a8891de67d613560134aa6ae *jgb93-11-03d1t104.shn
a2f1a73a146111faf7f7d6354992a6e1 *jgb93-11-03d1t105.shn
f835eec7c7a0883ea42ff39e8ef08118 *jgb93-11-03d1t106.shn
a3880b68a63a107efe9a460a3a6ed8e9 *jgb93-11-03d1t107.shn
f853bd48823dbf0455cf6ee820a884d1 *jgb93-11-03d1t108.shn
d562fbcf786ab9691268bf58b7ecba1f *jgb93-11-03d1t109.shn
f4d074f41d1ba1c3f86f11f5e1a91fba *jgb93-11-03d1t110.shn

719592ec15e6084581302524c3675a60 *jgb93-11-03d2t201.shn
dfa59e8c64abe58079c0a52fb0eed3e6 *jgb93-11-03d2t202.shn
151a540bad679142bf981ffa105fe1c5 *jgb93-11-03d2t203.shn
40c18c8a94bf40c1e3efc678b783f833 *jgb93-11-03d2t204.shn
8c7036f95ed28b0326ae31bcdcd64ca3 *jgb93-11-03d2t205.shn

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Date User Comment
04/02/2002 Dan Not true comment on Libba Cotton tune, "Freight Train". He also played it at 4/10/82 Capitol Theater show. Though it may have been the first time since.
06/21/2002 Peter Roe Had a friend Harry who also taped this show, gave me analog copy from his master DAT. I sent it off to an etreer last year who converted to SHN for me - forget the kind fellow's name. Long story short, there is at least one additional shn in circ on this show. Very fine show - attended it and was thrilled with the Freight Train.
06/21/2002 Peter Roe One more update about the shn I mentioned in my last comment - you will know it if you run across it because on Disc 1, Dear Prudence and My Sisters and Brothers are run together in one track, and Midnight Moonlight is the 8th track on disc 1. In reality, Midnight Moonlight was the last song of the show (not an encore there was no encore).
08/02/2002 Clay Brennecke I mastered this show (11.03.93) with some AKGs in a hat FOB DFC.

I Also mastered ALL of the November 1993 JGB Tour FOB DFC with Shweppies, Neumanns, and various DAT machines, preamps and A/Ds. I ran spread omnis in Portland (sounds like crap) and got popped second set of Landover and tossed -after surviving THREE pops in the first set that took four or five taper friends out. You can hear clearly on the Landover show my offering the security goon 20 bucks, then a while later you can clearly hear me say, "How about $200? $300?" -I made it to about the 3rd song of the second set of Landover before the tossing. I was tossed twice in Buffalo, and was taping with Roger at the Spectrum when we were popped and tossed during Set Two's "Lucky Old Sun" or it might have been a "Senior."

Anyway, there are SO many folks CLAIMING they mastered shows that I mastered FOB DFC -oddly enough with the same gear....... I wonder why they only taped ONE show with such fine gear????

Why don't we see these folks claiming they used an AMS ST-250 to tape the Dead but only taped one night of two or three night run? Many of these folks' names are never seen again on Etree.

In 1993, there were TWO AMS ST-250 microphones in the USA -James and I had one, and Jeff Silberman (a true taping legend) owned the other. There were NO others until Ronnie K. bought one after his B&K 4011s were stolen from his car at a rest area -I believe he told me it was the first rest area leaving NYC once you enter NJ.

Yes, a small handful of folks with the 'DADDY' gear taped JGB in November 0f 1993 FOB ...and we all knew each other and helped each other.

Yes, I am certain there are tapes from 11-93 that folks we didn't know taped, but when I download a .shn JGB or Dead file and I hear myself stating my name, section number, Row number or letter and Yes, each night, FOB DFC and various comments either after the first set or after the second set, or sometimes after both (and a loadcheck), It's a safe bet that I wouldn't state my 'Signature' at a show in to someone else's rig!

Let's keep spreading the joy!

Let's also not claim being the one who 'Mastered' FOB/FOB DFC Masters as many folks who are making such statements DID NOT MASTER certain shows FOB DFCwith 'such & such' gear.

I busted my ass to make SO many tapes, as did James Young, and one should at least give credit to the taper. Would you also like the section number/letter, row letter/number, seat number(s) each set as we would sometimes have to fork over the seats to the rightful revokable license holder and relocate and finally whether we ran the mics handheld both sets, Handheld them mics during set one and on a stand the next.

Food for thought!


Clay Brennecke
08/02/2002 Clay Brennecke 11.03.93 Knickerbocker Arena; Albany, NY

Mastered live FOB DFC from:
Section 2 Row Q Seat 9 & 10
by Clay C. Brennecke using:
AKG 460 Cardioids at 110 degrees in hat >
Neumann BS 48i-2 Phantom Power Supply >
Oade Microphone Preamp > Panasonic SV-255 Professional DAT machine
08/02/2002 Andy G. Clay, your taping tales are nothing short of amazing and believe me, they have inspired many younger tapers. As far as I am concerned you are The Man. Countless heads have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the gems you've recorded. Rest well assured of that. Don't know who might be claiming to have mastered your stuff, sounds bogus, probably either someone clueless or just an honest mistake. Hope you're well... Andy