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Garcia 06/28/82
Opera House, Boston, MA
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Entered by Brett Heald
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Source Summary Garcia & Kahn: aud> senn 441> D-5 cassette master> cdr;  
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Jerry Garcia & John Kahn  06/28/82
Boston Opera Hall - Boston, MA
aud>>senn 441>> Sony D-5>>cassette master>>cdr

Set I - CD1
1.  Deep Elem Blues 05:37
2.  Dire Wolf 03:13
3.  Friend Of The Devil 07:13
4.  It Takes A Lot To Laugh,
    It Takes A Train To Cry 05:42
5.  Been All Around This World 06:17
6.  Valerie 06:55
7.  Run For The Roses 05:22

Set II - CD2
1.  Little Sadie 03:56
2.  Jack-A-Roe 04:56
3.  Simple Twist Of Fate 10:35
4.  Sing Me Back Home 07:30
5.  Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie > 06:03
6.  Ripple 04:07

7.  Rubin And Cherise 05:00

Deep Elem Starts off with low levels but they come up.
Cuts between all songs.

recorded by doug lamarre.
seeded to etree by mike lai.  
any info send to   [email protected]
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bbc4c9325b0f06104acbca6a6243824d *jgb82-06-28d2t203.shn
6d5b37beb7c28186e9426755a2af23a5 *jgb82-06-28d2t202.shn
1f7927a3702c08a3f589f526a03c54c1 *jgb82-06-28d2t201.shn
668afffc4b3cac5109fe500d3e7e48a5 *jgb82-06-28d2t204.shn
7c329f810354fbd9e34106293080e28a *jgb82-06-28d2t205.shn
fd55d43cde6d14ba53ec89b59fabdac0 *jgb82-06-28d2t206.shn
443d61c8b09fb9a3c430617506e0bf3a *jgb82-06-28d2t207.shn
0a9898d0315ddbf8c7ee35b5cc08fee4 *jgb82-06-28d1t101.shn
719097d69e86a2ebd58f9c7528138336 *jgb82-06-28d1t102.shn
7d37d0793b4855828c15f73b5eee5def *jgb82-06-28d1t103.shn
85a9530af0b3236cf699684a5e693827 *jgb82-06-28d1t104.shn
cae44fff6218e52375df2cb3d9a59ce7 *jgb82-06-28d1t105.shn
3bdba849d2f422da237e16e8d63a0e57 *jgb82-06-28d1t106.shn
e8022856965f88409b01f11af2786a72 *jgb82-06-28d1t107.shn

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