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Garcia 05/05/82
Oregon State Prison, Salem, OR
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums All (see info file)
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Source Summary Garcia & Kahn: some overload distortion 
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Jerry Garcia and John Kahn

Oregon State Prison
Salem, Oregon

There is some overload
distortion, bu it's a
wonderful show.

Missing Tangled Up In Blue

1.  Deep Elem Blues
2.  Friend Of The Devil
3.  Jack A Roe
4.  Oh babe, It Ain't No Lie
5.  It Takes A Lot To Laugh,
     It Takes A Train To Cry
6.  Run For The Roses
7.  Ripple
8.  I've Been All Around
     This World
9.  Valerie
10.  Dire Wolf
11.  Rueben And Cherise

Thanks to Terrapin.

Garcia shn admin note added 6/27/2002:
An astute observer noticed that there were no md5s for this
shn set.  Diana Hamilton kindly provided md5s, with the note
below.  If your md5s differ, please send them
to one of the Garcia
shn admins for inclusion in the db.  Thanks!

From Diana: "Re the currently missing md5: This entry was
on the beginnings of the very old shncirc page, before I
had even begun collecting md5 files onto the list along with
the txt files. The info was later imported into the db from
there, without md5s.  That said, we have an archived copy of
this show datestamped 5/31/99. Although it has 11 tracks,
it has no "proper" info file like that shown here.
Instead it has a Word doc with CD cover art, plus a readme.txt
from Ben D. Ross as follows: 'I'm not sure of the source of
this disc, but it definitely sounds nice. It is Jerry Garcia and
John Kahn, not Jerry solo as the cover indicates. I DAEed
it with EAC, so there should not be any errors. If you notice
any pops, please e-mail me and I'll DAE it again.- Ben Ross
[email protected]'

It is not sure that we have the same exact copy (there may
have been more than 1 shn set of this going around in 3-5/99),
but just in case here are the md5s for the copy we have. BTW
the original lacked * before the track names; I have added
them here."
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All (see info file)
99c554b277e40d8a520a7690d174c7ab *Track09.shn
0b42c8fd8db3bb034b9390bbf65c8829 *Track02.shn
e218b83906d7e42b6a44ac385777ce7e *Track01.shn
934ac81b665e96143c630054e3bc5a21 *Track03.shn
32c8eaf876319827568ec66eab59f93f *Track05.shn
e58d2f0470317936e92c469def18d96d *Track04.shn
8adc2074f262d8911ff1170fc68737c4 *Track11.shn
33f003d61d1888377363f02676e5d8d8 *Track10.shn
9bd9eba6e64b107b091fe151b63af5d6 *Track06.shn
1094d3d307801ba73ca2717d66cee8c0 *Track08.shn
59cff9a73900b08fd73468672b55d714 *Track07.shn

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Date User Comment
06/27/2002 Joe Jupille I have added md5s contributed by Diana Hamilton, and included an explanatory note in the info file. It seems likely that there are multiple .shn sets of this show in circulation. If this is the case, please feel free to forward info/md5s to Brett or myself.