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Garcia 03/12/78
Suffolk Forum, Commack, NY
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Entered by Brett Heald
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Source Summary FOB Shure Audience > CassMaster> Dat> Cdr Transfer Da-P1> Zafiro ZA-2> NT4.0/Soundforge xp 4.0 > Cdrwin **May Contain Additional Analog Generations 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Suffolk Forum, Commack, NY

Source:    FOB Shure Audience > Cassette Master > DAT > CD
           ** May Contain Additional Analog Generation(s)
Transfer:  DA-P1 > Zafiro ZA-2 > NT 4.0/SoundForge XP 4.0 > CDRWIN

** Disc 1, Set 1                           [53:41]
1. Harder They Come                        [11:18]
2. Mission In The Rain                     [09:05]
3. Simple Twist Of Fate                    [10:17]
4. Tore Up Over You                        [08:38]
5. Gommorah                                [06:04]
6. Mystery Train                           [08:17]

** Disc 2, Set 2+E                         [72:00]
1. Love In The Afternoon                   [11:21]
2. Second That Emotion                     [11:19]
3. Russian Lullaby                         [16:57]
4. They Love Each Other                    [07:25]
5. I'll Be With Thee                       [04:57]
6. Midnight Moonlight                      [11:31]
7. (E) Rhapsody in Red                     [08:27]


[email protected]
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321403ef2c9c83fd7bc2664929304620 *jgb1978-03-12d2t2.shn
33e2c3711a577056d3316d7dfd2c28b7 *jgb1978-03-12d2t3.shn
aa0f33a2b130be5157b4c3238a7c9a29 *jgb1978-03-12d2t4.shn
7f63e3ba7a3c493795975584325730dd *jgb1978-03-12d2t5.shn
8bbb708161c7196e40515c624377b98d *jgb1978-03-12d2t6.shn
b55dc8367f048c38e759a8c70346b593 *jgb1978-03-12d2t7.shn

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05/01/2003 danlynch I was at this show. The opening acts were Robert Hunter & Comfort, and The New Riders of the Purple Sage. Jerry did not play with the New Riders. JGB began their set at approximately 1 a.m. and ended, after a very long set break, at approximately 4 a.m.

I was the DAT source that seeded the CD's for [email protected]
07/25/2004 BoldCaptain I was also in attendance. I believe Garcia did play with Hunter though. The next to the last song "That Train Don't Run Here Anymore". Also with Donna Jean...
07/17/2009 jrhess3 This was the second concert I ever attended. I was 15 and a beginning deadhead. I went without a ticket figuring to scalp with 3 friends who had tickets. I found a scalper and bought my ticket for $10. When I got to the door with my friends they got in, but I was stopped by security, as a matter of fact there were a few of us who got stopped. The tickets were fakes. Foolishly we tried to rush the gate but were stopped. Then I found someone else who was burned by the scalper and we went back to where we bought the ticket to get our money back. He was already being taken away in an ambulance. Now my new friend and I still were on the outside, so we begin to look for an alternate way in. We went around to the back of the arena, but we couldn't get in the back entrance because we didn't have any passes. We begged them to let us in, but we were out of luck. Somewhere along the way we found some bottles of booze, (I have no idea what it was). As we were leaving th back of the Commack arena, we ran in to some people climbing a snow bank to the roof, and on the roof was a railing, and at the end of the railing 3/4 quarters of the way up was a hatch, AND IT WAS OPEN. A line of people climbed up the snow bank, along the railing, through the hatch and into the catwalk that was along the ceiling of the arena. There was a ladder down to the seats just to the right of the stage, almost behind it, we went down, as we were going down security noticed us and began coming up the aisle. I sat down and was right next to my 3 friends who I tried to get in with. This was one of the most exciting nights of my youg life, and whenver I see my friends we talk about it still!