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Garcia 11/28/74
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders: MSR>PCM>DAT 
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Jerry Garcia & Merl Saunders (Pre-Legion of Mary)
Great American Music Hall
San Fran., CA
Jerry Site Lists: MSR>PCM>DAT

Disc 1
Set 1:

1.  It's No Use
2.  Favela
3.  You Can Leave Your Hat On
4.  Mystery Train
5.  Harder They Come

Disc 2
Set 2:

1.  Freeedom Jazz Dance
2.  Going, Going, Gone
3.  Just Kissed My Baby
4.  Neighbor, Neighbor

Disc 3
1.   Wonderin' Why ->
     Jam #7
2.  Second That Emotion

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d059cd1629b78189eed4a3b5eef0754b *jg&ms74-11-28d1t102.shn
c595a099dca65b575efeb335b9274650 *jg&ms74-11-28d1t103.shn
9a24e413e4efb46f37de19a7be9af2d8 *jg&ms74-11-28d1t104.shn
e20eb920a0eeb3485c459e5d1877b316 *jg&ms74-11-28d1t105.shn
71b214bc95c6df4524d4fda97769dc39 *jg&ms74-11-28d2t203.shn
a0efb0240bbfade4b8246db2a0e42db2 *jg&ms74-11-28d2t202.shn
52f895caca45bb4493369f5e70329ea5 *jg&ms74-11-28d2t201.shn
ea61caf373e7dd7dd4d8bf50e2cf2976 *jg&ms74-11-28d2t204.shn
250a3b6e8a635bf9223dc7afd59b2f1d *jg&ms74-11-28d3t301.shn
2279bbc03f2fbb2485a4057dcd0fb635 *jg&ms74-11-28d3t302.shn
43f81d37022649b76a2c9f63c365248e *jg&ms74-11-28d1t101.shn

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Date User Comment
03/18/2004 C Miller Nice source, except the channels switch here and there. Not necessarily between tracks, but during songs, like Mystery Train. Anyone know why this happens? I have other shows that do this.
04/24/2004 i also have seen shows with channel flipping. there's no reason why that should have happened randomly and i figure its a way for the ultimate source to track his or her recordings' distribution (e.g. someone intentionally did this). whenever i encounter this, it is fairly easy to fix using wav editing software.
04/24/2004 sport How does it affect the music?
04/25/2004 it affects the music in that the panning is suddenly reversed.
12/03/2005 jimdavies Sounds like FM static is present to me, esp in "Neighbor Neighbor".
05/16/2008 johncook d2t01 and d3t01 are not aligned for CD sectors. Since they are the leadoff tracks, you can fix the alignment with 'shntool pad -b' and leave the remaining tracks intact.