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Garcia 05/05/73
Homer's Warehouse, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders, "Dick's Gift": mSR> DAT> circulation; Jam through After Midnight portion of 5/5/73 Set 1 circulates as part of "Dick's Gift", rest is assorted from winter '73- spring '74 (material allegedly found unlabeled by Dick Latvala in the vault, supposedly came into circulation via a gift to some of Dick's "special friends"); see for updated info 
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The Dick's Gift disks are unknown 1973 and 1974 Legion of Mary shows allegedly
found unlabeled by Dick Latvala in the vault -- I pulled the following from

1.  ??/??/74 Unknown Venue, Unknown City, Unknown State  top
Set One:  (5 songs - 71 minutes)
Finders Keepers  10:12
Think  9:12
Lala  11:34
I Second That Emotion  14:31
My Funny Valentine  23:59
Comments: This tape circulates labled "LOM Mystery Tape", and usually with 4
songs before Finders Keepers (see ??/??/73). These songs are from the winter
or spring of '74, before Martin Fierro became a fulltime member. Supposedly
found in vault unlabled by Dick Latvala. It is doubtful that all these songs
are from the same show.
Recordings: 71 SBD (DAT: MSR>D)

??/??/73 Unknown Venue, Unknown City, CA  top
Set One:  (4 songs - 36 minutes)
Jam >  2:56
Jam >  11:57
Are You Lonely For Me Baby? >  11:37
After Midnight  8:12
Comments:  Usually circulates with the ??/??/74 portion, but is probably from
the winter or spring of '73. Supposedly found in vault unlabled by Dick
Latvala. There is a guest guitarist for all four songs, possibly Tom Fogerty.

Recordings: 36 SBD (DAT: MSR>D)

If there is filler after the ?/?/73, its from 12/31/75 . . .

Hope this helps

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Garcia & Saunders: MSR >... (2)
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02/20/2003 Sean Cribbs Jam > 2:56 on 5/5/73 is an instrumental version of the Beatles' "Here, There and Everywhere" from their album Revolver.

The disc labelled "rest is assorted from winter '73- spring '74" is actually from 1/18/74.
06/12/2004 Jay Parmer The '74 Dick's Gift material is actually from 1/17/74, not 1/18/74. Check for more details.
01/19/2008 ziko I have this with these md5 signatures.

83a36eb455534597997e6f1f746e6617 *dick's_gift_d1t2.shn
0ecdccc7c3522821086198abdceef516 *dick's_gift_d1t1.shn
79d3eb25755a7e72d54caa9da8b13154 *dick's_gift_d1t3.shn
31524c2be2a7c90295e49747474fc87a *dick's_gift_d1t4.shn
3ff8ddd16972662a15511e7b0577a7f7 *dick's_gift_d1t5.shn
b93d557c7c4eac21324d73cf0dee3f8e *dick's_gift_d2t7.shn
4cf7f9ee3803bfb33e932d362708aec0 *dick's_gift_d2t2.shn
34bfb9900473c1a8e4df38f7b7a68b3a *dick's_gift_d2t3.shn
cb4ea31e78ddbfcba138599b4556fc2f *dick's_gift_d2t4.shn
a53fe6d25807024ea7406c4c8a5bf860 *dick's_gift_d2t5.shn
2716c24b5ea374b2b66f3d3dfddad2fe *dick's_gift_d2t6.shn
5886aed1749707ab5ae5395782935536 *dick's_gift_d2t1.shn