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Garcia 10/21/68
Jefferson Airplane House, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary SBD > MR > Cass > DAT > CDR > WAV > CDR; via EAC/trade from Morgan Evans; EAC > minor wav editing> CDWAV > seeking SHN by Rick Lepley; Uploaded by Andy Lepley; note shn set is labelled as 10/28/69, but material typically circulates as 10/21/68 
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Jerry Garcia


Jefferson Airplane House - San Francisco, CA

Source: SBD > MR > Cass > DAT > CDR >

WAV > CDR; via EAC/trade from Morgan Evans >

EAC > CDWAV > SHN; via Rick Lepley

1. Been All Around This World [04:00]

2. Big Boss Man [06:28]

3. Jam [13:57]

4. Jam [07:19]

5. Jam [05:28]

6. Jam [19:19]

Total: [56:34]


Great disc! The sound quality is exceptional IMO, it almost sounds like it was

recorded in a studio setup. The actual lineup of musicians is unclear at this

time, but there is obviously at least Jerry, percussion, & bass throughout

with another guitarist in the mix on a few tracks.

Known Flaws:

A high pitched tone which was present on my CDR copy at roughly 0:12 - 0:23

of track 01 was edited out using EAC's wave editing function.

A 1-second pause at about 14:19-14:20  on the master dt06 was edited out also using EAC.

Much thanks to Morgan Evans for putting this gem into my hands!

Uploaded by Andy Lepley

These shn files are seekable in your shnamp.

Please forward any information/corrections to [email protected] - Thanks!
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3c4058fa79e6c6226db563c53a556d46 *jg69-10-28dt01.shn

14957af8846679c43e8a4827abd43723 *jg69-10-28dt02.shn

789bd49958063d024e541a24156e04a6 *jg69-10-28dt03.shn

70779afb47cc011c465e975d0ec7bd92 *jg69-10-28dt04.shn

8f93bc832bba87ef05994b20d848057e *jg69-10-28dt05.shn

e61879a70b3e164b6ea8682c62868b8a *jg69-10-28dt06.shn

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Date User Comment
07/07/2001 Robert The dates on the list do not match the text. The text is the correct date. Peace. Robert
07/08/2001 Diana Hamilton In the past, this material has been more commonly listed as 10/21/68.
In reality, it could of course be neither date, or even be a compilation of dates. Information in support of the "new" date attribution given in the shn set
would be welcome here, thanks!

Whatever the date(s), it's interesting material. :)

07/08/2001 Diana Hamilton A little searching brought up a JAbase page (last update 2/29/00) with this comment under the "mislabeled tapes" section: "Oct 21 1968 - Airplane House Jam
These tapes appear to be a mix of 2 Hot Tuna Matrix shows from 1969 and
Mickey and the Hartbeats from the Matrix, late 1968." However, there is no mention on the page of 10/28/69.

Following up on the Hot Tuna lead, Tunabase has a listing for 10/21/68 (presumably for the material here), but nothing listed- Matrix or otherwise- for 10/28/69. So, dead end there too on the 10/28/69 attribution...

04/11/2002 Alan Topal Jerry isn't playing on tracks 3 & 4. He returns part-way through track 5, which is really just tuning, not a "jam".
07/12/2002 Jim Van Houten Hadn't the Airplane moved out of Fulton Street by 10/69??
07/16/2002 Eric re: last comment
Rolling Stone - Nov 12, 1970 (RS 70) Ben Fong-Torres writes in his intro to cover story, "The Rolling Stone Interview with Grace Slick, "A couple of weeks ago - after Jimi, before Janis - Annie Leibowitz, the photographer, and I went to the Airplane mansion for the interview..."

re: performers
I don't hear Jorma anywhere on the tape. Guess he could be mixed low, but I doubt it.

The guitarist with Jerry jamming on track 6 is Harvey Mandel. He has a unique style that make him pretty recognizable. Easiest to hear is the playing with volume: at times it almost sound like pedal steel. I also matched a number of riffs to tunes from his solo lps and work with other bands.

re: date
I'll reserve judgment until I've compared Jerry's playing here with a few more performances.
03/16/2008 sotm53092 10-28-39(12687) and 10-21-69(4503) both have the same text file as well as the same md5's. Either date could be correct, but the tapes are the same.