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Grateful Dead 09/11/83
Santa Fe Downs, Santa Fe, NM
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Source: Jeff Silberman's Master Audience PCM; Sennheiser 441 mics > Technics SV100 PCM > DAT > CDR> EAC> SHN; CD Remastering, EAC'ed / SHN'ed by Scott Clugston; to abgd? 
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Grateful Dead
Downs of Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Source: Jeff Silberman's Master Audience PCM;
Sennheiser 441 mics > Technics SV100 PCM > DAT > CDR

CD Remastering by Scott Clugston
EAC'ed / SHN'ed by Scott Clugston

   Disc 1
   from 1st Set
1. Alabama Getaway>
3. Dire Wolf
4. Hell In A Bucket
   2nd Set
1. Help On the Way>
2. Slipknot!>
3. Franklin's Tower
4. Let It Grow

   Disc 2
1. He's Gone>
2. Drums>
3. Space>
4. Truckin'>
5. Wang Dang Doodle>
6. Morning Dew>
7. A & A>
8. Sugar Magnolia
9. US Blues
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5284eb9cda0fca3dc6c7e5ac43019b05 *gd83-09-11d1t01.shn
591ab20597a0a0c3429e389914093f19 *gd83-09-11d1t02.shn
e8a131c7ba1add66ab6556a4ada2f89d *gd83-09-11d1t03.shn
c0db694b4661b1a1eb70ae4ea69671c7 *gd83-09-11d1t04.shn
33001ac8d0893cdf0904eadfadb329b8 *gd83-09-11d1t05.shn
c129825c6c166e6a4afc66c24c956c07 *gd83-09-11d1t06.shn
0c3a5ef7dce29445c3da13ea775c00da *gd83-09-11d1t07.shn
c5679853a2449031acd8f055d819c150 *gd83-09-11d1t08.shn
48791146e9df219705d318f8a27b3c08 *gd83-09-11d2t01.shn
838f52e49041329823d2d49571a2d0e8 *gd83-09-11d2t02.shn
ff7fd496e76451d6c767b2d1dc99a247 *gd83-09-11d2t03.shn
75e3f49ca26531176fb839f90f003b22 *gd83-09-11d2t04.shn
1540965c2c9376bdc97d49acd73bc91e *gd83-09-11d2t05.shn
0ed6304c0ce6d68a10ee4ade329eee13 *gd83-09-11d2t06.shn
661486cc1aa5ee9ea1bbfba1e788a8cd *gd83-09-11d2t07.shn
70832dc9df5913edb13e09f605942128 *gd83-09-11d2t08.shn
55158d75f464eb5cac7c99203429938b *gd83-09-11d2t09.shn
4a99346ca7870a412d0963ed79fbbd1f [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t01.shn
8b3223f7ac1727299cda06e8d1459ce8 [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t02.shn
3dbddd9eb2e218de2592f6b233a61ef6 [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t03.shn
893e2a2b0f3d5ea981ae74e41fb5c4e6 [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t04.shn
f452e8b83559bf5520a28c018e884769 [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t05.shn
d4750517068d581aaab7978e7bd9f633 [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t06.shn
d11a824310ab3aa6eeaa9d7b27f1037d [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t07.shn
3b57995daba738a56c60765b08be1d5b [shntool] gd83-09-11d1t08.shn
3598f01d002ce9f5ff9a56f195a36e5a [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t01.shn
8b43bbda26ecd2cae1ce6818b112213d [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t02.shn
49b23605564daf3f4a6c4c9dd327dcfe [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t03.shn
0dc3f9a693c75308ee86291d496a9db1 [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t04.shn
94bfc3307224f637768326911473b96d [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t05.shn
eaf65227c07c92fbb273b57481682984 [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t06.shn
23d7026904a7768ec25d28c47429efa9 [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t07.shn
a9ebb5807cbf7cd2cd45e03fefe626b3 [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t08.shn
ff95ae1f693f911409b1dfa08406894a [shntool] gd83-09-11d2t09.shn

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SBD> Master Cassette> 1... (0) Source: Jeff Silberman's... (1) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) SBD-> ?->CD->EAC->WAV->SHN... (1) flac16; source: 2... (0) flac16; 2 Source... (0) flac16; 2 Source... (0) flac24; billydee... (0) flac16; Set 2 Jeff... (0) flac16; billydee... (0) flac16/44.1 ... (0) flac24/48 Master:... (0)
Date User Comment
12/20/2004 Chuck Frolio This source is missing much of the 1st set.