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String Cheese Incident 07/18/01
Rockingham Field, Rockingham, NC
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Source # 5154 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Schoeps MK4V > KCY > VMS021B > ADC24LP-1 > Sony D8 > HHb 830 using an oade 7 pin digicable > EAC > shn v3 
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String Cheese Incident
7/18/01 - Rockingham Field - Rockingham, NC

Source: Schoeps MK4V > KCY > VMS021B > ADC24LP-1 > Sony D8 > HHb 830 using
an oade 7 pin digicable > EAC > shn v3

Taper: shall remain anonymous by request
shn'd by: Spider John ([email protected])

Disc 1
Set 1: Rollover, Searching for Answers*, MLT$ > Drums$ > MLT$, On the Road, God Bless the Child%, Midnight Moonlight%

Disc 2
Set 1: Lonesome Fiddle Blues#, Zombie Jamboree^  
Set 2: Howard > Jam > Rhum 'n' Zouc, Let it Go**,

Disc 3
Set 2: Hold What You've Got, Rivertrance***, Restless Wind  

Encore: Best Feeling^^, Sittin' on Top of the World^^^

$ with Jose Martinez on percussion
% with Drew Emmitt on mandolin and Mark Vann on banjo
# with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, and Bill McKay on keyboards
^ with Drew Emmitt on mandolin, Mark Vann on banjo, Bill McKay on keyboards, Jose Martinez on percussion, and Vince Herman on vocals and washboard
^^ with Keller Williams
^^^ with Keller Williams, Drew Emmitt, Mark Vann, Bill McKay, Vince Herman, and someone in a gorilla suit
* with Lonesome Fiddle Blues teases. Song was preceeded by a jam about all the vendors in the area.
** Preceeded by a false start Resume Man
*** Without Nershi until the very end of the tune
Show Checksums
0ed2befae4f1c30b090088e951d57f8a *sci2001-07-18d1t1.shn
09698d59a1f66f5bbdff50c331ca6b4c *sci2001-07-18d1t2.shn
2427f2bfdf3363f9bd3c039819706909 *sci2001-07-18d1t3.shn
f12754b25099b12c69db669f4f95d16b *sci2001-07-18d1t4.shn
a90051368a122343c04ed7e7c764bdf7 *sci2001-07-18d1t5.shn
25ec4a791d8ebbfe90fcc783949e179d *sci2001-07-18d1t6.shn
00174f36538a65b980c69a20618e116a *sci2001-07-18d1t7.shn
9245de00d16542057276992b0a4d681c *sci2001-07-18d2t1.shn
a1e97b764fb40d2059acf288b6f50aba *sci2001-07-18d2t2.shn
de2a0689e7394ab19c9f236fa8b4c230 *sci2001-07-18d2t3.shn
c91a8548c72e399f481bc9c1a0c0a81a *sci2001-07-18d2t4.shn
41fddb9e64bb5f8a92a18b507cf38675 *sci2001-07-18d2t5.shn
cb22988d4d621f73a2f94b1a117fd52f *sci2001-07-18d2t6.shn
c2bae1ec7103495a651265fe33507c63 *sci2001-07-18d3t1.shn
275a83461afb34d728a5073ed6fbf340 *sci2001-07-18d3t2.shn
8fe0ffe13dcb0a456218d3bfed20a663 *sci2001-07-18d3t3.shn
253751197fc9981a58584b573789eb86 *sci2001-07-18d3t4.shn
3b9c801248573a254fdd9cf8602e5b3e *sci2001-07-18d3t5.shn
d13be7e530dc843b08ad877e84613494 *sci2001-07-18d3t6.shn

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