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String Cheese Incident 09/06/96
Belmont's, Portland, OR
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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The String Cheese Incident
Belmont's, Portland, OR

Source: dsbd>dat>CD>EAC>shn V3
Seed: Brian Cole ([email protected])  7/16/01

Set 1:
1.  Intro (03:29)
2.  Pirates (09:03)
3.  Black Clouds (05:23)
4.  San Jose (07:42)
5.  Remington Ride (05:23)
6.  Born on the Wrong Planet (06:18)
7.  Lonesome Fiddle Blues (10:24)
8.  Resume Man (05:35)
9.  Lester had a Coconut (04:05)
10. Drums > (03:14)
11. Texas   (12:42)
Total: 73:18

SCI opened for Higher Ground this night.

This show has some minor blemishes.  Most prominent blemish
occurs in Texas @ 2:50.  See
for a detailed account of all blemishes.

As with many of these older shows, I could not track down
more detailed source info than is noted.  If you have
more detailed info please contact me at the above email.


PS>  Reviews by Tim Herbst & Brian Cole posted below.
Review by Brian Cole done on 7/16/01:

9/6/1996 Review by Brian Cole.  Show received on CD and extracted via EAC
secure mode.

The String Cheese Incident
Belmont's, Portland, OR

This is a nice early Cheese show.  A nice jam on LFB but other than that
it is just straight forward consistent playing.  Billy mentions several
times that SCI is opening for Higher Ground.

Retracked Pirates & Black Clouds
Blemishes successfully removed in Remington Ride, BOTWP, & Texas.  
Blemish @ 2:50 smoothed in Texas but is still very noticeable.
Others could not be removed without cutting.
All blemishes are digi-fuzz unless otherwise noted.

Show evaluated on head phones. This show has several minor blemishes
which are detailed below.  
d1t03  01:52,03:30
d1t04  04:47,05:33
d1t07  00:57,08:36 (four successive blemishes)
d1t08  03:04
d1t11  02:50 <-Noticeable blemish

Review by Tim Herbst done on 8/17/01:

I sure miss SBDs.

I've said many times these guys seem to get better every tour.  
That doesn't
mean 1996 wasn't really good.

Below is my nit list.  The little t9 thing is the only one Brian
already mentioned.

t3 1:51 scritch, maybe from Kang's rack
t3 3:30 weird little thing Brian heard confirmed, but I didn't
hear it
            without guidance
t4 4:47 ouch
t4 5:31-34 OUCH
t7 0:59 subtle diginoise
t7 8:38 several skips
t8 3:04 no way I'd have heard that one myself
t9 0:03 little fuzz
t11 2:50 little skip

Thanks Brian.  It's a little gem of a set.

Make A Joyful Sound.
Tim Herbst

Show Checksums
a7cd5a1911dfe2157b3e9552bcd5fc30 *sci1996-09-06t08.shn
37b5e1cfc7e1613dee6e7a17f199b9a6 *sci1996-09-06t02.shn
4aaa08429ab528c6facf96ec3b0fe0d1 *sci1996-09-06t03.shn
3796c72af6ca019a3bfe0ecf13e6d702 *sci1996-09-06t04.shn
584a019643e74c0a6c297663b78584bd *sci1996-09-06t05.shn
594bf89bce6c7b73412a1143d59fa7b0 *sci1996-09-06t06.shn
64baff63714036a8686ea1d102c5064f *sci1996-09-06t07.shn
4a59ddef5474dedb5be97e227f9972a4 *sci1996-09-06t01.shn
cfd9dc7bfb395852d18b3b5b3a25c82e *sci1996-09-06t09.shn
fa0312cc4ef6ef0088bbff07fd7242e2 *sci1996-09-06t10.shn
8239907f640f2aadc6280842ec27ce0a *sci1996-09-06t11.shn

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07/26/2003 jeffrey I left feeeling cheated out of my $! So far with the first to shows have been really sloppy and could they tighten up the show! Come on people remember 2 years ago how phat the shows were. Need some new thought out material. Overall average=Friday
Thrusday=NO emotion and bad setlist selection= BELOW average!!!!
The Dead have come back to life and remember a litle band from Vermont and the best for last Wide Spread Panic!!! these bands are blow away anything the Chesse is doing what so ever
07/26/2003 Diana Jeffrey, it is not clear whether you are actually reviewing this shn set, this 1996 show itself, or something entirely different.
07/31/2003 Brad I'm gonna go with.... something entirely different. Nice try though Jeffrey.