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Garcia 10/10/68
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Hartbeats; note date corrected from previous 10/9/68 listing- see Deadlists; ?> DAT> ZA2> wav> (sound forge for cutting to track size)> shn; DAT> ZA2> wav? by David Hollister; SF by Konstantin; jam in set 2 is complete; set 1 sounds different than set 2;? some NR applied (see info file for details); similar info to alternate shn set, but md5s differ (not sure if sector boundaries are fixed in this one); to abgd, 2/01 to etree  
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9/02/01 update: Date is actually 10/10/68, see for
discussion and corrected setlist.

I brought this back home with me from Arizona on a HD last june
and I finally got around to preparing it for CDr

What I have came from a DAT>ZA2>wav>(sound forge for cutting
to track size)>shn

All CD switches come at natural breaks in the sets.
Timings used are very close to those listed below from the
Dead Project but not precisely the same.

The last Jam in Set 2 is complete here and not cut like on the
Dead Project list below.

The sound mix differs from set 1 to set 2: Set 1 has everything
in the left or right channel with just about nothing in the
middle of the sound picture. Whereas in Set 2 Jerry's gitar is moved
to the middle, better balancing things out.

Set 1 had a bit of hiss. I used 'Diamond Cut - Audio Restoration
Tools 32' to remove it. There was a stretch in the beginning
before Jerry starts playing where I could get a good sound sample
of the hiss for the removal.

Set 1
1. Jam 7:03
2. Lovelight Jam -> 12:36
3. Drums -> 6:23
4. Jam -> 11:44
5. Other One Jam -> 5:32
6. Jam -> 4:40
7. Death 8:21

Set 1
1. 'It's in the Book'-> 0:47
2. Dark Star Jam -> 13:08
3. Eleven Jam -> 5:51
4. The Seven 9:24
Set 2
5. Jam 27:30

Set 2
1. It's a Sin 8:18
2. break with chatter 1:48
3. Next Time Jam 7:50
4. Rub Jam 5:18
5. Look on Ynder Wall 3:54
6. Jam 23:34

DAT>ZA2>wav  by D. Hollister
Sound Forge cutting by Konstantin

Following is from the pages of Dead Project:

10/09/68 The Matrix, San Francisco, CA

Set One:  (10 songs)

Jam >  7:02
Turn On Your Lovelight Jam >  12:43
Drums >  6:16
Jam (1) >  11:49
The Other One Jam >  5:44
Jam (2) >  4:#05
Death Don't Have No Mercy  7:59
Dark Star Jam >  13:09
The Eleven Jam >  5:51
The Seven  9:36

Set Two:  (6 songs)
Jam  27:30
It's A Sin  7:19
Next Time You See Me Jam (3)  7:34
The Rub Jam (3)  4:57
Look On Yonder Wall (3)  3:40
Jam (4)  16:28#

Comments: show billed as "Mickey and the Heartbeats".
Bobby and Pigpen were absent. (1) starts very much like the
post-drums portion of Alligator, and contains a
brief, Spanish Jam-like theme. It also contains many hints of
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks). (2) cut here is
likely quite small. (3) with Paul Butterfield on harmonica.
(4) very similar to New Potato Caboose. My copy cuts at
16:28, but there is clearly more.

Recordings: 180 SB
Contributors: [email protected]

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589a218a7c292c9f25e25bdf6a4da07e *gd681009d1t1.shn
bdf3a5fb5c7cd56cdb1db64dbadc808e *gd681009d1t2.shn
5b89bb41c45f46e295601261453f84e9 *gd681009d1t3.shn
21f6b1dbf1df07ae02c88ddda9a06353 *gd681009d1t4.shn
458816534fdd79901ad011365362631b *gd681009d1t5.shn
ca71031e954d6fa306c3d4ae0b8a3986 *gd681009d1t6.shn
c988c26b70760237186411fa52334962 *gd681009d1t7.shn
8dbd38ef8a657422f6cb7b4e267fae3c *gd681009d2t1.shn
d91076c365bd8378460702241cc08909 *gd681009d2t2.shn
ee6edb34c6b653079c249ff2f3b0b525 *gd681009d2t3.shn
b65933e7ae627d311207194552e97d64 *gd681009d2t4.shn
07d59dc997d6ef8aff995ac58cf9d8c7 *gd681009d2t5.shn
0eccda882767f39c286b7c0252303185 *gd681009d3t1.shn
44327b1b770d81cb9bd67ad0bcbbbb8d *gd681009d3t2.shn
5df3fd37197c419c6ba398d027f45a16 *gd681009d3t3.shn
80925f75b02d999cf0db70e12f94cdd4 *gd681009d3t4.shn
b6f58061c30ac075e9bde6a47405ef5e *gd681009d3t5.shn
a81096cd2ae8b1d4482e07baae1678de *gd681009d3t6.shn

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