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Club d'Elf 09/13/01
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
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Entered by Eric McRoberts
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (On Stage) Schoeps cmc64(ortf)->Lunatec V2+ (On Stage) Neumann TLM 170i(omni, split 6')->Lunatec 316+Rode NT-1(tablas)+SBD Submix(Doumbek-Shure SM-57, Vocal-Shure SM-58, & Oud Pickup Direct)->Behringer MX-802A->SBM-1(Oade Mod.)->M1 @44.1kHz; R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn Recorded by Andrew Jones, transferred by Eric McRoberts 
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Club d'Elf 09-13-2001 The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA

Source: (On Stage) Schoeps cmc64(ortf)->Lunatec V2+
(On Stage) Neumann TLM 170i(omni, split 6')->Lunatec 316+
Rode NT-1(tablas)+SBD Submix(Doumbek-Shure SM-57,
Vocal-Shure SM-58, & Oud Pickup Direct)->Behringer MX-802A->
SBM-1(Oade Mod.)->M1 @44.1kHz. Recorded by Andrew Jones.
Master from M1 used in below transfer.

Transfer: Sony 59ES->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->
CDWav->.shn.  No normalizing, resampling, or DAE. Transferred by
Eric McRoberts

Note:   We also had a feed from the SBD coming direct from Mike Rivard's bass amp,
but for some reason our cable caused no bass to come out of the PA, so our
feed was pulled in the opening minutes.

Edits: Right channel dropouts masked by running mono where the channel d/o's existed:
-d1t04 06:04-06:08
-d1t04 06:43-06:45  
-d3t05 01:24-01:48

Disk 1 <58:49>
Set I:
1.  In Memorium 02:41
2.  Middle Pillar(Intro)-> 08:08
3.  Middle Pillar-> 11:21
4.  New 3 13:10
5.  Salvia 23:28

Disk 2 <58:54>
Set I(Cont'd):
1.  Jungla Adagio 23:03
2.  Band Introductions 02:22
3.  Mogador-> 09:31
4.  So Below 24:22

Disk 3 <67:03>
Set II:
1.  Crowd Noise 02:27
2.  Like A Silence-> 10:39
3.  As Above*-> 18:16
4.  Sidi Rabi-> 13:47
5.  Wraith House 13:40
6.  Band Introductions 01:54
7.  Challaba**    06:19

Club d'Elf Players:
Mike Rivard-Bass
Brahim Fribgane-Oud, Doumbek, Karakab
Erik Kerr-Drums
Jerry Leake-Tablas
Tom Hall-Saxaphone
Geoff Scott-Guitar
Jere Faison-Samples

* New intro

** Mike Rivard on Sentir


This show described by Jeremy Goodwin as "Postmodern West African Electro Groove"

Before the first set, the band and crowd took a long moment of silence to pray
for everyone who's life was changed by the the events on Tuesday, 9/11/01.
This show, only two days after the terrorist attack on the United States,
served as a gateway to deep spiritual reflection on the past and what may become
of these dark events...this music will chill your soul.  
Get this set and visit the inner regions of d'Elf!!!!

Show Checksums
45310807eb483f98c79ed3a4fae07844 *delf01-09-13d1t01.shn
a6645dbf05e0f2f86b6e2311a1e8f9d9 *delf01-09-13d1t02.shn
6b4d2b85bcff792c38df59774f6ed385 *delf01-09-13d1t03.shn
75e99d49262f71ee7d471aaaecc260f9 *delf01-09-13d1t04.shn
61c3f51052885d3fa62225d78a74044d *delf01-09-13d1t05.shn
0eb48c9bf36d711cee2b0b21ba330b70 *delf01-09-13d2t01.shn
d94f42db03e0db1e21f8b7cfeb23213c *delf01-09-13d2t02.shn
748357d71295298493849210c36150a0 *delf01-09-13d2t03.shn
4e8681bef106f5be6fe5dfc6d75110ae *delf01-09-13d2t04.shn
fc284938d77f7d99653c0c6aeb5cc53c *delf01-09-13d3t01.shn
347f857d412dfb8416dec6fe185bc8cd *delf01-09-13d3t02.shn
74d7d46d7fc5adb03d8216ceae53add5 *delf01-09-13d3t03.shn
5262c850d9c9ce1397d4c10b1e26a9ac *delf01-09-13d3t04.shn
2bbc57dfbcff23f49998d69977cb9ed4 *delf01-09-13d3t05.shn
c6a7622ea5d1b076545ede51737a09ff *delf01-09-13d3t06.shn
cd4880b638543dc7e67c45f1a002fd50 *delf01-09-13d3t07.shn
2ee0775077609316099f4bf89704c326 *delf01-09-13d1t03.wav
b9c65f02236e19092acb1fc0dc3d4850 *delf01-09-13d1t02.wav
3386e047f9c5a30bdbfb907ae4eba20d *delf01-09-13d1t01.wav
cd8cded5b4f4bd9fe88e6ab286952555 *delf01-09-13d1t04.wav
de4253b06f95d5bf6f9393be88993b9c *delf01-09-13d1t05.wav
13e48f69863824d91362e3bb1a253f7d *delf01-09-13d2t03.wav
4c684296ebd080a45eb46aa9125dbcaa *delf01-09-13d2t02.wav
5eaeddee2eafe3097148f9ccc5ef51a0 *delf01-09-13d2t01.wav
605fd9e66404ada43aa988b515e6c276 *delf01-09-13d2t04.wav
86dd67504d28153f5cdcaf19b9f15e61 *delf01-09-13d3t06.wav
133fab7014cc56566bcffa1c309832bd *delf01-09-13d3t02.wav
0e5ca26886aa28e4de7b0a15924fed89 *delf01-09-13d3t03.wav
1fdffda5478e8aa9b3cb414389688f1f *delf01-09-13d3t04.wav
836171f6b97cd153477c52d674275689 *delf01-09-13d3t05.wav
3cae2fc66b917d3f4f7f24adc8ccf2fd *delf01-09-13d3t01.wav
42b283e4f5c13759d02464c36ad36709 *delf01-09-13d3t07.wav

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