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Garcia 03/??/67
710 Ashbury Street, San Francisco, CA
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia interviews; part of Acid Test compilation; via Alan Bershaw, Thomas Wulf; md5s and txt shown are for whole set 
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Grateful Dead & Merry Pranksters
The Acid Test Reels

A chronological compilation of the Acid Test recordings listed in
The Grateful Dead Tapers Compendium Volume One.

DISC ONE: Fillmore Acid Test/Sound City Acid Test

The Fillmore Acid Test
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
     January 8, 1966
1.  Stage Chaos/More Power Rap
2.  King Bee
3.  I'm A Hog For You Baby
4.  Caution: Do Not Step On Tracks >
5.  Death Don't Have No Mercy
6.  Star Spangled Banner / closing remarks

The Sound City Acid Test
363 6th Street, San Francisco, CA
     January 29, 1966
7.  Ken Kesey interviewed by Frank Fey
8.  Ken Babbs and harmonica
9.  Take Two: Ken Kesey
10. Bull
11. Peggy The Pistol
12. One-way Ticket
13. Bells And Fairies
14. Levitation
15. Trip X
16. The End

7-16 The Acid Test: A Sound City Production

DISC TWO: Pico Acid Test /S.F. State U Acid Test (pt.1)

The Pico Acid Test
Danish Center, Los Angeles, CA
     March 12, 1966
1.  Viola Lee Blues
2.  You See A Broken Heart
3.  In The Midnight Hour

The San Francisco State Acid Test  
Whatever It Is Festival
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Stereo Control Room Master (rec. 4:00AM - 6:00AM)
     October 2, 1966
4.  The Head Has Become Fat Rap
5.  A Mexican Story: 25 Bennies
6.  A Tarnished Galahad
7.  Get It Off The Ground Rap >
8.  It's Good To Be God Rap >
9.  Nirvana Army Rap >
10. The Butcher Is Back
11. Acid Test Graduation Announcement
12. Send Me To The Moon >Closing Rap

Credits on 10/2/66:
Voices: Ken Kesey and Hugh Romney
Guitar: Ken Kesey
Violin: Dale Kesey
Organ: Jerry Garcia
Engineering: Steve Newman, Ken Kesey, Mountain Girl

DISC THREE: S.F. State U Acid Test (pt. 2)/Graduation Jam

The San Francisco State Acid Test  
Whatever It Is Festival
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
     October 2, 1966
1.  Ken Kesey's dialogue (isolated remix)

Merry Prankster Sound Collage Sequences
     October 2, 1966
2.  Prankster Music/Sound Collage #1(sequence 1)
3.  Kesey Rap > Prankster Music/Sound Collage #2 (sequence 2)
4.  Prankster Sound Collage #3 > Prankster Raga(sequence 3)
Prankster Recordings broadcast over the P.A.

End of Whatever It Is Festival
     October 2, 1966
5.  Closing Jam
6.  Prankster Electronics

Acid Test Graduation Jam
Winterland, San Francisco, CA
     October 31, 1966
7.  Jam Session (musicians unknown)
from The World Of Acid film soundtrack

Disc Four: Related Recordings

Neal Cassady & The Warlocks 1965
1.  Speed Limit
     studio recording/Prankster production tape circa late 1965
     Straight Theater, Haight Street, San Francisco, CA   July 23, 1967
2.  Neal Cassady Raps (backed by The Dead)
     recording released as a flexi-disc in the 1st printing of The Dead Book

Acid Tests Production Reel
3.  Jerry Garcia commentary with Acid Test audio
     710 Haight Street House, San Francisco, CA   summer 1967
4. - 6.  Jerry Garcia  
     one hour interview about music, drugs, politics and social changes circa

compilation and package by Alan Bershaw
shn discs by TaW
Note 1: I split the 1h Jerry interview on disc 4 into 3 smaller pieces (a-c).
Note 2: The shn-tracks for audio disc 4 are split between shn-discs 2 and 3!

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e240245f1b9a0898c6919c0548eb197b *Acid1_09.shn
d15e119c097f33ea7048a8d73013b795 *Acid1_10.shn
d1eeecda82d4e754db5f2a84bddd73bb *Acid1_11.shn
67fada7f261d1d53475434f9c4e111a7 *Acid1_12.shn
d1cac8ca6cc55b273b27d4f2ecb7e2f2 *Acid1_13.shn
242a4519efc00fab2dfe576d842ecf5d *Acid1_14.shn
9f5ca44b5a7fbf5f44a8f214426e0791 *Acid1_15.shn
e8d3bcf88fb4a6ce208197e2b41e12f9 *Acid1_16.shn
433b71d988beca082c4d06190c52e72f *Acid2_01.shn
0bf78458e4a000d5894bb7e8050e7521 *Acid2_02.shn
32024802355c13d35b054a809b0381ae *Acid2_03.shn
64262dc80f27fa24aabd9ccc1324d9f0 *Acid2_04.shn
81c5c969c62c9356fbfae2e00d75bcf0 *Acid2_05.shn
3e5ef4a7a3c7fbbe9b9ea3d885b50ca7 *Acid2_06.shn
005a0a67736701f91e81779c8f63dfb4 *Acid2_07.shn
b7f134efaef039a6ca317488ed0bb76a *Acid2_08.shn
749efbd957e762cc0c382137b4a3689f *Acid2_09.shn
d0dc465881112585d600d0fa9e327e29 *Acid2_10.shn
6f70410aa62de0fd38e8d66fac27eac5 *Acid2_11.shn
4ca93f8199821a98f184e1a0c1c0623f *Acid2_12.shn
a93b66fcda2402a8f686d15c4b29448d *Acid3_01.shn
9cf97edc2fa76d4ab84ff0036624f5cd *Acid3_02.shn
e223cc0d8a1848670505506f53dd47a2 *Acid3_03.shn
bfbac72600c479dd68b31f85b4d28c3b *Acid3_04.shn
ef15470e3899d83cf15c37b93d376801 *Acid3_05.shn
eac41e319dcfbfc5bde3e4ee03fd87e3 *Acid3_06.shn
89468cdb57e8f80b84be872fe044bd31 *Acid3_07.shn
237ff8d7b2002f8c03c6b2dc49bd2a87 *Acid4_01.shn
2d745cb6ae8af78bf6f8f16a071ebc6d *Acid4_02.shn
78399225f83ea3e5335992e2d5ece451 *Acid4_03.shn
9036596b278a98d09b29ddf9810f4fed *Acid4_04a.shn
fba350cf69cc91645c9a4a333e9af7fa *Acid4_04b.shn
8ba676bfd65d8754af804838955c6699 *Acid4_04c.shn
78399225f83ea3e5335992e2d5ece451 *Acid4_03.shn
9036596b278a98d09b29ddf9810f4fed *Acid4_04a.shn
fba350cf69cc91645c9a4a333e9af7fa *Acid4_04b.shn
8ba676bfd65d8754af804838955c6699 *Acid4_04c.shn
444157fdf45f5092f150a1ad5f539b11 [shntool] Acid4_03.shn
3d3fa1086d513c760b5d6b22da668409 [shntool] Acid4_04a.shn
e4ae53ad5098e1819d8ea1859b37903e [shntool] Acid4_04b.shn
e063f5a09b271dd0a3612123fc1259c7 [shntool] Acid4_04c.shn

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