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Club d'Elf 10/11/01
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
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Entered by Eric McRoberts
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (On Stage) Schoeps cmc64(ortf)->Lunatec 316(+28dB)->Apogee AD-1000(+4dB, soft limit off @44.1kHz)->DA-P1; R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn. Recorded by Eric McRoberts & Cliff Kaelin, transferred by Eric McRoberts  
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Club d'Elf 10-11-2001 The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA

Source: (On Stage) Schoeps cmc64(ortf)->Lunatec 316(+28dB)->
Apogee AD-1000(+4dB, soft limit off @44.1kHz)->DA-P1
Recorded by Eric McRoberts and Cliff Kaelin.  Master
from DA-P1 EAS out of Apogee used in below transer.

Transfer: R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->
CDWav->.shn transferred by Eric McRoberts

Disk 1 <67:51>
Set I:
1.  Intro 03:24
2.  Middle Pillar-> 25:16
3.  Bass Beatbox-> 12:07
4.  Quilty-> 13:55
5.  Salvia 13:08

Disk 2 <34:09>
Set I(Cont'd):
1.  Band Introductions 03:27
2.  Sidi Rabi* 13:12
3.  So Below** 17:29

Disk 3 <64:08>
Set II:
1.  Elephant Pretzel->   13:11
2.  ?***->   10:57
3.  Trance Meeting*** 18:55
4.  Jungle Adagio 20:45

The Band:
Mike Rivard-Basses
Brahim Fribgane-Oud, Doumbek, Karakab, Vocal
Erik Kerr-Drums
Jery Leake-Tablas, Percussion
Alain Mallet-Keyboards
Jere Faison-Sampler
Geoff Scott-Guitar

*   Mike Rivard on sentir
**  Quilty quote
*** Nosferatu Theme quote
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5498367e4d9b6991c7cace48e5b315e4 *delf01-10-11d1t01.shn
14d9f577fea5e7c3b34c599e558e5ab6 *delf01-10-11d1t02.shn
14a194019798ca6469f60580c2237561 *delf01-10-11d1t03.shn
938b87700f6e1d6430735caadde09f09 *delf01-10-11d1t04.shn
22e6094e05f010add13cbd910778702d *delf01-10-11d1t05.shn
c58e366fc2a54bb6382a99ab8ccbeb8b *delf01-10-11d2t01.shn
df6e54f69741d089d01e1c946f4c4038 *delf01-10-11d2t02.shn
260df56ac1e90850b16587dd57ceca49 *delf01-10-11d2t03.shn
8feea7b73f26801b74c3f82b0eedb305 *delf01-10-11d3t01.shn
ee384e4395679e4cd01bcbae214fbf63 *delf01-10-11d3t02.shn
7a1cd7a807b6b5aa35009743fca3bf03 *delf01-10-11d3t03.shn
748404dc35d88e5828349aeeb5660761 *delf01-10-11d3t04.shn
244f9aee8491ec21d828e9b2493cd465 *delf01-10-11d1t03.wav
4fdc10f610553adecc5375fcb8017963 *delf01-10-11d1t02.wav
e09a3927fa537ac4f19a0c57fb3825d4 *delf01-10-11d1t01.wav
38ab2da793ae63c391e2d096cc84ee4b *delf01-10-11d1t04.wav
b210ac45722f04912f1997e0cb9fee2a *delf01-10-11d1t05.wav
9fc4cb2c058cc939eedfbf5296f98489 *delf01-10-11d2t02.wav
92415ca544554375db78ffa5cf9b4328 *delf01-10-11d2t01.wav
2f95f7ba4680be31779623bc408aa584 *delf01-10-11d2t03.wav
c3b36ad6ca42d714eae9d4d13c11383b *delf01-10-11d3t04.wav
55bf833a76f28d5ef0b1c5fc85f7ccf5 *delf01-10-11d3t02.wav
748d95b2cfe32af8d5544cb48b0c79b1 *delf01-10-11d3t03.wav
26418633430c9732164b41fa5db02478 *delf01-10-11d3t01.wav

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