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String Cheese Incident 07/01/01
Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary Same as seeded on 7/20/01 by Gordon Kelly, but a bunch of flaws have been fixed and new md5's created. 
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String Cheese Incident
July 1, 2001
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, Colorado

Source: Neumann KM140s > Lunatec V2 > Tascam DA-P1
Extracted using Track Thief on a Macintosh G4 and Shortened by [email protected]

Fixed by Paul Hofferkamp ([email protected]) on 11/3/01 using:
A. Sound Forge to combine broken track (old: d2t6 and d3t1; d2t7 was deleted)
B. SHNtool to place rest of show onto sector boundaries
C. mkwact to convert to .shn, add seek tables, and create new .md5s

Disc 1 (requires 80 min disc)*
-Set 1-
1. Round the Wheel >
2. Got What He Wanted >
3. Orange Blossom Special
4. Barstool
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Mouna Bowa >
7. Shantytown

Disc 2
-Set 2-
1. Joyful Sound
2. Cedar >
3. Galactic
4. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms

Disc 3
1. Sand Dollar >
2. Drums >
3. Stop That Train >
4. Round the Wheel
5. Black and White
6. Good Times Around the Bend

*Alternate tracking: Put d1t7 onto beginning of d2 if
you don't mind the break in the transition.
Show Checksums
058b95a396596f5cd912ca8f22cb138d *sci2001-07-01d1t1.shn
2efc73d97a856ccbfe6073d97dc9f799 *sci2001-07-01d1t2.shn
9d8d7065c2fc6bd971b43b8ff70467c5 *sci2001-07-01d1t3.shn
89d706aa489b85024824a39e762cb179 *sci2001-07-01d1t4.shn
5d6ccda576f8a1bdc9e16d7b70702889 *sci2001-07-01d1t5.shn
c52401ddbbfb385000de2836da80f875 *sci2001-07-01d1t6.shn
0802199dcce3c138bd5afb20d4bb4a8b *sci2001-07-01d1t7.shn
61bd9c6695c1591e13336b5870067f82 *sci2001-07-01d2t1.shn
57d222e8df5d6ea8fc9cdd0396af93bd *sci2001-07-01d2t2.shn
824ed8d95cae890e78a86a2c1c974d35 *sci2001-07-01d2t3.shn
646e72f35f98a014da649f0e1f0f13f9 *sci2001-07-01d2t4.shn
d3c35737bfb9501f9aacae02a80a1f06 *sci2001-07-01d3t5.shn
95317ea5a6d934adceb620163b86cd52 *sci2001-07-01d3t6.shn
b56396ccda57824fa4af3c342ebde142 *sci2001-07-01d3t2.shn
32052fcc97ff588a0c190233ce8f86c2 *sci2001-07-01d3t3.shn
49d4842032e896eb9ae704d61577ff3a *sci2001-07-01d3t4.shn
e9ede0178efff979df21f1a23d278f2f *sci2001-07-01d3t1.shn

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