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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 04/06/01
The Fillmore Auditorum, Denver, CO
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Entered by - j
Checksums d1shn , d1wav , d2shn , d2wav
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps cmc64->Apogee AD-1000 @44.1 kHz 
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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 04-06-2001 The Fillmore, Denver, CO

Source: Schoeps cmc64->Apogee AD-1000 @44.1 kHz
Frank McRoberts' DA-P1 patch master
used in below transfer

Transfer: R500->Audio Magic Presto II->ZA2->
Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn by
Eric McRoberts

* No resampling, normalizing, DAE, or editing of any kind(except start/end set fades) *

Show was tracked w/o the aid of a setlist, so please excuse me if the tracking is incorrect.
Show Checksums
b1899352912e4889b1bb9dc47c770692 *kdtu01-04-06d1t01.shn
0ea3db10643ae4732feb427722f857f3 *kdtu01-04-06d1t02.shn
829bd978040259b3312ae3ec1f60f197 *kdtu01-04-06d1t03.shn
a19fa5b9148834622c0df44427654eec *kdtu01-04-06d1t04.shn
5725df8b8e25a627ec8fbad221e19835 *kdtu01-04-06d1t02.wav
39f9f1ef6202fa33e9bba5ccd7cf8be3 *kdtu01-04-06d1t01.wav
165ef7e077a5e27218e2ca8b5f06fcb8 *kdtu01-04-06d1t03.wav
ac8d316ece680f3f799f3040305fb34e *kdtu01-04-06d1t04.wav
0d8a0b5065eb1b2c87167aa9ed48c4fb *kdtu01-04-06d2t01.shn
fb0f8fa6387db28cb93786e4051b05e2 *kdtu01-04-06d2t02.shn
8385704d035c5d9a0877de9ea4728aac *kdtu01-04-06d2t03.shn
7b6b2bb42f88a596fa1fe55a3b2949c9 *kdtu01-04-06d2t04.shn
3f3cfdc1cf5c2b52b72ad21e461de523 *kdtu01-04-06d2t02.wav
4e130d27ea76eb925fdbbb271531ee31 *kdtu01-04-06d2t01.wav
c39b80ae727748f847b8660d78d49594 *kdtu01-04-06d2t03.wav
7bc1391cefb470ac76f9aa3fb02c6c9c *kdtu01-04-06d2t04.wav

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