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String Cheese Incident 11/09/01
Classic Center Hall, Athens, GA
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums All
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC641 > MP-2 > AD2K > DA-P1 > Track Thief on a Macintosh G4 > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
November 9, 2001
Classic Center Hall: Athens, Georgia

Source: John Hart's Schoeps CMC641 > MP-2 > AD2K > DA-P1

Extracted using Track Thief on a Macintosh G4 and Shortened by
[email protected]

Disc One
Set 1
1. best feeling >
2. jam >
4. born on the wrong planet*
5. good times around the bend
6. cedar >
7. workin' in a coal mine >
8. orange blossom special
9. close your eyes

Disc Two
Set 2
1. crowd
2. how sweet it is
3. rivertrance
4. black and white
5. nine pound hammer
6. crowd
7. let it go** >
8. jam >
9. rhum 'n zouc

Disc Three
Set 2 continued
1. shantytown
2. how mountain girls can love
3. crosstown traffic

* with Nershi vocals
** preceeded by Texas intro teaseo tease
Show Checksums
75b1c0c84c10f98750b2964790aabca7 *sci2001-11-09d1t1.shn
3a712bed9045baf54bbb18196d334c84 *sci2001-11-09d1t2.shn
e10d0a5dddef97219833138dca91eb42 *sci2001-11-09d1t3.shn
0bc5fccaf4a0f2327e04528e0cd3600c *sci2001-11-09d1t4.shn
3d497146e6b3aa2e6184a4981d0905a8 *sci2001-11-09d1t5.shn
e7e0c26610555991b082cb56e20999ed *sci2001-11-09d1t6.shn
bbba9713681bdf81e5efcdb719e1e551 *sci2001-11-09d1t7.shn
2b710d81fa09f0fd4bce7ca123c210d3 *sci2001-11-09d1t8.shn
d3bec2a9f6e23f8bacccfd3d9ab3b27b *sci2001-11-09d1t9.shn

31ea2831f9fef60de198f61dfebb6adb *sci2001-11-09d2t1.shn
6754f68faaf65784c7e1fe3364cba4ef *sci2001-11-09d2t2.shn
0fafa634d34690193a43f8fae589eb99 *sci2001-11-09d2t3.shn
4c7787d57fc8c5da8e2a0efb3db496d9 *sci2001-11-09d2t4.shn
dc1b44ec9902075ca2f91dbf9eb911d2 *sci2001-11-09d2t5.shn
4996fc1da2f73e5938a28b37272bf070 *sci2001-11-09d2t6.shn
d88253d11ae7d884cf0e9548c2968e2e *sci2001-11-09d2t7.shn
df5c1ba35f0b0e7d5018c3b3dd985b03 *sci2001-11-09d2t8.shn
3db1088cee1175d416f9181450444bbc *sci2001-11-09d2t9.shn

c21a8d4a432731e3deac6854c7fd5407 *sci2001-11-09d3t1.shn
55f9c03a7d9d4f3a06d9664a04973b60 *sci2001-11-09d3t2.shn
8fea7a8fc198734aa965527246c28da1 *sci2001-11-09d3t3.shn

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