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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 09/29/01
Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, AZ
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Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary mbho 603a/ka200n(cardioid)>sound devices mp-2>oade 24 bit modified sbm1>sony pcm m1 
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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
September 29, 2001
Nita's Hideaway, Tempe, AZ

Source:  mbho 603a/ka200n(cardioid)>sound devices mp-2>oade
24 bit modified sbm1>sony pcm m1

Taped by Marc Natelsky

CDR>EAC>WAV>MKW>SHN  by Charlie Kidder


Front Money
How Fine is That?
Good For You
Family Tree
Can You Feel It?
Spanish Castle Magic


Like Like Dope
Whip Whop
The Bridge
The Bunny Player
Groove On
Tenor Man
Tar Baby
Turnip's Big Move


Karl Denson sx.
Chris Littlefield trmp.
Brian Jordan gtr.
David Veith keys.
Ron Johnson bas.
Zak Najor drms.
Mike Dillon perc.  
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ecc3aff05c3462fc54ac10667311cd4e *KDTU01-09-29d1t7.shn
03a0a8197b55043be401d72e0b9d5e61 *KDTU01-09-29d1t2.shn
6dae3126f646f85d76f4a509d72c50b4 *KDTU01-09-29d1t3.shn
7c698869c5f78b2a0f255f2e6681733a *KDTU01-09-29d1t4.shn
3772040584d8e78b8040f47f4168af6b *KDTU01-09-29d1t5.shn
fefc26424f0e949cca317166cdffe695 *KDTU01-09-29d1t6.shn
bcc823f23ccfcef3a886ae7734106e37 *KDTU01-09-29d1t1.shn
8608f5f0abc22e1dad888a6c285d134f *KDTU01-09-29d2t8.shn
acd7b826cd67a7748e666f4f3b279d0e *KDTU01-09-29d2t2.shn
740876338e2055e5d2db33c9389d4b89 *KDTU01-09-29d2t3.shn
6fc24651f4f788f0fb6190da6f92146c *KDTU01-09-29d2t4.shn
83301e78b0e3e517f36a57f47d8bb227 *KDTU01-09-29d2t5.shn
938273a9c7329a8b203b041674bca5d5 *KDTU01-09-29d2t6.shn
d5cebecab5c311bf12966c3f9e30c950 *KDTU01-09-29d2t7.shn
c3005eab3afb373aa79ceb7860ae7e8e *KDTU01-09-29d2t1.shn

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