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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 11/24/01
The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by - j
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary KM140(ORTF)>V2>DAP1 FOB/DFC: in da' sweet spot!! 
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Vic Theater
Chicago IL

Source: KM140(ORTF)>V2>DAP1 FOB/DFC: in da' sweet spot!!
Tapers: Club Neumann, Chicago Chapter ;-)
Transfer: Fostex D5>ZA2(48>44)>CDWAV>
Soundforge 4.5(fade out end of each set)>
MKWAct (no DAE)

Set 1:
Disc 1:
1) Soul Driftin'
2) Walt's First Trip
3) Spacy Intro into...
4) Good For You
5) Rise & Shine *
6) Criminal Mastermind
7) Tar Baby *

Disc 2:
1) Elephants are Big as Hell *#
2) Think
Set 2:
3) Captain Buckles
4) Dance Lesson #2
5) NYE story
6) Flute Down

Disc 3:
1) The Bridge
2) The Roundabout
3) Flute Solo
4) Fallin'

Who Are You?


Karl Denson sx.
* Fareed Haque gtr.
# Kahlyan Prathak tablas
Chris Littlefield trmp.
Brian Jordan gtr.
David Veith keys.
Ron Johnson bas.
Zak Najor drms.
Mike Dillon perc.

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61f8e52522ee845fdd69ec795ff0f36c *KDTU01-11-24i06.shn
3bc5e4e533d09f5e82f55d1638e7bb34 *KDTU01-11-24i03.shn
fd8a4598baf20cd425d9e23c4d64edc1 *KDTU01-11-24i04.shn
088f62119dc8575d930f7a8d1e7baa61 *KDTU01-11-24i05.shn
058a09fc2c999d37fd05e3f364a1d145 *KDTU01-11-24i02.shn
2470e1dd13d1f5c47dbc7e6474135163 *KDTU01-11-24i07.shn
4b09137c6bc1bfc659aaddcd0d3c4431 *KDTU01-11-24i08.shn
9b4a61615618ad4d0db64b3b98dd82dd *KDTU01-11-24i09.shn
e1f7d4041bd673d7d8e5c85c19981096 *KDTU01-11-24i10fo.shn
013822b6a9a76a3e54e06304e6de51eb *KDTU01-11-24ii06.shn
e307d8a0375caf8e27416c9d5e849360 *KDTU01-11-24ii03.shn
d35b362060f8cf67e6387029deab91a1 *KDTU01-11-24ii04.shn
67d56af07dc952fab16ba12c381cb850 *KDTU01-11-24ii05.shn
6ab450ee143685eb58c95c1b4ffe25c3 *KDTU01-11-24ii02.shn
ca00c032cce0d8f0087e37389d453692 *KDTU01-11-24ii07.shn
82efd17a45f9a18c23dd0abc9adcb41c *KDTU01-11-24ii08.shn
3d9a184f1e748d7b51d69f621b7fbd20 *KDTU01-11-24ii09.shn
5f3464ea63f76a965939a7749814b335 *KDTU01-11-24ii10fo.shn

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