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Garcia 07/21/73
Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
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Entered by Brett Heald
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Source Summary Old & in the Way: This was a rehearsal session in a back room at The Lion Share. SBD> ???> Cass> cdr 
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Old And In The Way

The Lion Share, San Anselmo, CA

This was a rehearsal session in a back room at The Lion Share.


101 - Someone Calling My Name

102 - On And On

103 - Lonesome Fiddle Blues

104 - Land OF The Navajo

105 - Going To The Races

106 - Land Of The Navajo

107 - Cedar Hill

108 - High Lonesome Sound

109 - Hobo Song

110 - Wild Horses

111 - Lonesome LA Cowboy

112 - Pig In A Pen

113 - Kissimee Kid

114 - Kissimee Kid (Let's do that one again)

115 - Midnight Moonlight


This was a rehearsal session in a back room at The Lion Share.

Ripped from audio cassette by yours truly.  2 Hiss removal passes

in Cool Edit.  Enjoy!

If anyone asks you where you got this CD, tell them you know

nothing!  - Sgt. Shultz

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7686d6975e8d0798ea17ecbc7be76031 oaitw_072173_101_scmn.shn
e5fbb566b9f402842658821b0f21522d oaitw_072173_102_oao.shn
dbd1000009d98fb6aa2874e7981a9793 oaitw_072173_103._lfb.shn
ea218772271d02894c35e38c81d1404e oaitw_072173_104_lotn.shn
385d4ef09a414dba5641dd9a21048ad4 oaitw_072173_105_gttr.shn
8eac6b765ebfdb05fb3e6a98d05f6a73 oaitw_072173_106_lotn.shn
15cafdd899558942452b09187a75f0db oaitw_072173_107_ch.shn
cd1a4b567365a27c434f11dda14455e8 oaitw_072173_108_hls.shn
84a32a1d4ae08e8559a1562190bc18ee oaitw_072173_109_hs.shn
56d7d5ce6ce3dbc1da330689f03b3bdd oaitw_072173_110_wh.shn
d7ca111d10212430dd8cfa401e789ddb oaitw_072173_111_llac.shn
809727091dae28d118998701ce41be1c oaitw_072173_112_piap.shn
2f8a84a0f9f0c4729007dd2184363e93 oaitw_072173_113_kk1.shn
cf434a1c96e4718600ea555f42640f78 oaitw_072173_114_kk2.shn
a097ce77de491281389b5d56b004e0bb oaitw_072173_115_mm.shn

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Date User Comment
07/25/2002 hanno nice noise reduction effort - but the source still runs way too fast, about 4 %. I have produced a SHN set that runs at the correct speed.
08/19/2002 Joe Jupille The pitch-corrected .shn set is now in the db.