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Disco Biscuits 11/18/05
The Music Box at the Borgata Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, NJ
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Source Summary (center, behind sbd) Samson c02 > M-Audio Pre > Dell C800 > Sound Forge > Shntool > FLAC16 >  
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Disco Biscuits
Atlantic City Drum Off
Borgata Casino, Music Box
Atlantic City, NJ

Source: Samson c02 > M-Audio Pre > Dell C800 > Sound Forge > Shntool > FLAC16

Taped by: George Ewing ([email protected])

Set I:

01. Banter
02. Floodlights*
03. Story of the World*
04. Svenghali*
05. Helicopters*
06. Banter
07. Cigs**
08. Strawberry Girl**

Set II:

01. Banter
02. Vassillios$
03. ATW$
04. Chemical Warfare Brigade$
05. Dribble$ >
06. Aceetobee$
07. Encore Break
08. House Dog Party Favor$

* with drummer Danny Riser from Misouri
** first time played, with drummer Sean Hennesey from Philadelphia
$ with drummer Brian Griffin
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063ca8dda02857bb42d7cf4adb0ecafd *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t01.flac
753e313542ed020330d16d2825b35dda *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t02.flac
16e32e2eae7e68879b30b680e7038897 *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t03.flac
c5e1d4d22d4aa431a1a48c8c24e1bd93 *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t04.flac
1e4a319eb51fe8bb00e9b8dad07833a2 *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t05.flac
b14714de1befee5924d36ab8611bff1e *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t06.flac
842b3777462c9f3313d80c426a12939f *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t07.flac
d20caced849e49b6839d3d85628c1cd0 *db2005-11-18c02sfd1t08.flac
c2c89b307eb3b34fb660a5a0b5aee951 *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t01.flac
e518714217e6ed73b0eda4c8dd50b551 *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t02.flac
2c4e23491f62391f794e7a30dbe428db *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t03.flac
b4d953465c487bcb31edea7d31d2934b *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t04.flac
b9b72dd87fb92e4a67e5f18e4ec7febd *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t05.flac
158129a83ee0dd34461e09440caccd44 *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t06.flac
cd6fd722e894201ae656f416ee0ab81a *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t07.flac
896e17910958e4b96ca22f501a7033ca *db2005-11-18c02sfd2t08.flac

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