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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 10/05/02
Irving Plaza, New York, NY
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Entered by Bill Tetzeli
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary DPA 4023 > Lunatec V2 > SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8 > D8(master)>coax(spdif)>Audiophile 2496>Soundforge XP Studio 5.0 
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Karl Denson's Tiny UniverseIrving Plaza, NYC NY                          

Source: DPA 4023>V2>SBM-1>D8(master)>coax(spdif)>Audiophile 2496>Soundforge XP Studio 5.0
(resampled 48>44.1 at highest setting w/anti alias filter,fades in and out)

Taped by richard auchincloss
EAC'ed and SHN'ed by Jerseyuniverse;

Disc 1
Set I
1. The Grunt>
2. Criminal Mastermind
3. Freedom
4. Everything
5. Satisfied
6. Bunny Playa
7. Because of Her Beauty

Disc 2
Set I (Continued)
1. What you Want

Set II
2. Jam>
3. Brothers & Sisters>
4. Tighten Up>
5. Brothers & Sisters
6. Beliefism
7. How Fine Is That?

Disc 3
1. Latin Snap
2. The Answer
3. Windjammer
4. E. - Rich man's welfare
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31c6cb04cd28c8b8a052cd5ef49cf065 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t1.shn
be043343adaa7aac09c6512e05df0cd7 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t2.shn
06ec934a03af0f927fa6e5421b479020 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t3.shn
887a90c8e6783bc170813740b0b20ce4 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t4.shn
e6f172170ce6544b892bdcacfbf3f7e0 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t5.shn
49cde6efeaba4237c96b22b5dbe1b1f2 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t6.shn
4633adc65c269cb06078d4ce6224b144 *kdtu2002_05_10d1t7.shn
28d7155ed1f2512476d8b4ec315c1c72 *kdtu2002_05_10d2t1.shn
3ae419d61e85bb1dcafc353aca61cb19 *kdtu2002_05_10d2t2.shn
b089c55eb5c20b7b3f91bf1e3cbdb21a *kdtu2002_05_10d2t3.shn
be36ca7a8ccc9c33d603f48b646d8396 *kdtu2002_05_10d2t4.shn
9f1d4bab183aeb0e61cc9988030b440b *kdtu2002_05_10d2t5.shn
4eb488f8ce0f04d15ca4d3b829caf835 *kdtu2002_05_10d2t6.shn
fa88b1e04f3095ee8257b6e7ef2deb50 *kdtu2002_05_10d2t7.shn
692430a20b2fdccad714d47fec787179 *kdtu2002_05_10d3t1.shn
5d65040fc35167de8f583e229270da69 *kdtu2002_05_10d3t2.shn
a0b08cc384adf92a9024ac424902b1f2 *kdtu2002_05_10d3t3.shn
531c4249b82dcef5abbb51b86a34a44e *kdtu2002_05_10d3t4.shn

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