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String Cheese Incident 10/31/01
The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums SHN , WAV
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary B&K 4022 > Sonosax SXM2 > ADC20 > DAP1 (48k); Conversion: DAT > Zoltrix Nightingale > SoundForge 4.5 > CDWav > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
The Theater at MSG
New York City, NY

Source: B&K 4022> Sonosax SXM2> ADC20> DAP1 (48k)
Conversion: DAT> Zoltrix Nightingale> SoundForge 4.5> CDWav> .shn

Taped by Craig Davis
Converted by [email protected] 12/6/01

Disc #1 (53:58)
Set 1
1. Walt Whitman (Barlow) Intro (3:09)
2. Black & White (10:30)
3. Way Back Home (14:38)
4. Hobo Song (4:36)
5. Bam (14:06)
6. These Waves (6:55)

Disc #2 (67:29)
1. Rhythm of the Road> (18:03)
2. Come As You Are (12:27)
Set 2
3. Walt Whitman (Barlow) Intro (4:33)
4. Sweet Georgia Brown (5:22)
5. Instant Kharma* (5:58)
6. New York New York (6:09)
7. So What (7:31)
8. No Sleep Til Brooklyn (7:20)

Disc #3 (72:45)
1. Howard (14:27)
2. Round the Wheel> (24:25)
3. Good Times Around the Bend (5:00)
4. Joyful Sound> (11:10)
5. Land's End (17:39)

Disc #4 (36:46)
1. Texas (20:01)
2. E: Barlow Peom (4:01)
3. Shakedown Street (12:40)

* w/ members of Tom Tom Club
^ w/ Rahzel (formerly of The Roots)

Beginning of second set was a subway tour through the various stops on the A Train: Sweet Georgia Brown (Harlem - 125th St.), Instant Kharma (The Dakota - 72nd St.), New York New York (42nd St.), So What (Greenwich Village - 4th St.), No Sleep Til Brooklyn (Canal St.), with subway sounds and narration by John Barlow as Walt Whitman.

1st Time Played: Instant Kharma, New York New York, Not Sleep Til Brooklyn, Shakedown St.
Show Checksums
66e10177aea5143fbd12a9f14bea3f8a *sci-2001-10-31-d1t01.shn
3770b4d2b01f8d63814026db2100a62b *sci-2001-10-31-d1t02.shn
6c286e69afacff7a63dfe1c321c2b616 *sci-2001-10-31-d1t03.shn
40731a6ece6b03f2cf57529f43be15d3 *sci-2001-10-31-d1t04.shn
167e215936bed48da9fb02a3759bdd0d *sci-2001-10-31-d1t05.shn
e20df7a16bc305308b9846e6767ffabd *sci-2001-10-31-d1t06.shn
7099c71fcbade026092207f7e9c98e92 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t01.shn
e040c1f145495912f8d894e7fc918e96 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t02.shn
0ee63c4959594b281f1cdc2ca998363a *sci-2001-10-31-d2t03.shn
e8b6da846008d665ebd1c2ff7d19c0a5 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t04.shn
e31bf0b311dc1090cc4ebe9d5b386459 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t05.shn
e5968cf5246b98b5510ccfc5dca0f33a *sci-2001-10-31-d2t06.shn
f7b43880417c21f29b5e18e3d7d4f314 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t07.shn
46581f1a3077ac2396ec7ab3a18a0681 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t08.shn
ccd17a76be321b197662487d67496bef *sci-2001-10-31-d3t01.shn
3e425b291f5cfcc998f826fa1cd8aab7 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t02.shn
bedc7a218aa07dc937c72d5b20237a04 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t03.shn
9e3e47c28ac6e178a8b8a6d0c2929016 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t04.shn
3fb25217d9ae411d5bfb198fecbea21e *sci-2001-10-31-d3t05.shn
eccba2133a9ce241c75c22d47883caf4 *sci-2001-10-31-d4t01.shn
88dac2d42d855e47bcbd12fc434692be *sci-2001-10-31-d4t02.shn
5ff69c3c168cb6ac80d28d90162d209c *sci-2001-10-31-d4t03.shn
0bc820f10aafe7a1b5d69cc55e36e765 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t01.wav
249366c2275b09636273d6ca808ecb24 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t04.wav
727a0374bab9c218003d4686acbc6b28 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t02.wav
7ffddca260c7b883a524e76c0e8f464d *sci-2001-10-31-d1t01.wav
0e9da49163cb46fa7665d04b6568ca1f *sci-2001-10-31-d1t02.wav
4bcd348f2d05574d28d75f3ff82a85ad *sci-2001-10-31-d1t03.wav
5b83844e606153121427b4ebbede53c1 *sci-2001-10-31-d1t04.wav
127343bd220b68c311d8e1853350a8fa *sci-2001-10-31-d1t05.wav
b78343567d79a6ecaaf5034b891e2778 *sci-2001-10-31-d1t06.wav
fad54aa2d5fbc7c3568a59c9e894d618 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t03.wav
5bbc78f20f0da6f3f9b67c5cffe948f0 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t05.wav
4d2d0f0bbd800676afbe329909d9c2eb *sci-2001-10-31-d2t06.wav
0c5db4072bd1ec90fa43ca264cf662aa *sci-2001-10-31-d2t07.wav
d852e5770bf33f31040f81e6013cd691 *sci-2001-10-31-d2t08.wav
751b89c5d22e23d5af7ded53e8d7f399 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t01.wav
585d980114b2bd1b3c635b8abb0f8bdd *sci-2001-10-31-d3t02.wav
c94f1d4f92d79a15cfc82e6e109475b6 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t03.wav
14482c1e6898af77481ff2e1a2c9b845 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t04.wav
16cb8166419acf3340662e541f319579 *sci-2001-10-31-d3t05.wav
ba3294e4650f1277cb008bd6796bfd7a *sci-2001-10-31-d4t01.wav
7c484d16f17da399edb3512874877004 *sci-2001-10-31-d4t02.wav
9b4d0fb4748ad5cae7ba64a70eeed1f5 *sci-2001-10-31-d4t03.wav

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