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Garcia 01/26/72
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA
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Entered by Brett Heald
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Howard Wales & Friends featuring Jerry Garcia: FMSBD>RR>CD>EAC>SHN 
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Howard Wales and Friends (with Jerry Garcia)
Symphony Hall, Boston, MA
1/26/72 - 2 cds

From Dick Hitche analog collection. Dick is a friend of Dan's who we have gotten a number of Quicksilver cd's from. He has an amazing collection of other bands and some very tasty and rare dead. I believe that he recorded this show from FM to Reel to Reel and then to stand alone cd. He doesn't have a computer so he sent me the cds. I extracted using EAC and then converted to shn.

The material of this show is I quess mainly Howard Wales tunes, not the  normal Jerry songs that evolved later with M Saunders. The tracks do not quite match all of the differtent songs listed for the show, but some nice long "funky" jams. This I believe is one of the earliest Jerry Shows on tape and the sound quality is good. Hope you enjoy.
01/26/72 Symphony Hall, Boston, MA  top
Set One:  (21 songs)
Southside Strut >
Up From The Desert >
One AM Approach >
Come On Baby >
Outer Space Regions >
Carry Me Back >
Bass Solo >
Get Funky Brother >
A Trip To What Next >
Would You Leave Me >
Wale's Boogie
Get Down Mama (1) >
DC 502 (1) >
Drums (1) >
DC 502 (1)
Sweet Little Angel >
Sweet Cocaine >
Jam >
Fighting For Madge >
Don't Judge A Book (2)

Gypsy Woman

Comments: (1) without Garcia. (2) Roger Troy introduces the band after Don't Judge A Book. Jerry introduces the band after Wale's Boogie. Band consists of Jerry Garcia, Howard Wales, Jim Vincent, Jerry Love & Roger Troy (aka Jellyroll). FM Broadcast WBCN. Many tapes don't contain the encore, and honestly, I'm unsure of the correct name, though an encore was played.
Recordings: 100 FM
Contributors: Jeff Tiedrich, Ryan Shriver, Steve McHenry
Show Checksums
ae3c99059bc936cd02900ded9785c461 *jghw72-01-26d1t01.shn
cd427712441b99cfcdcdc235bedf6792 *jghw72-01-26d1t02.shn
abdfa6dcd02b56f813c9674260dc0fd1 *jghw72-01-26d1t03.shn
23dbd8abaa20d84a870713c0abde689c *jghw72-01-26d1t04.shn
3cd3f97cc873e6c0008c167f86ac59e2 *jghw72-01-26d1t05.shn
941578a8ff21074d3d21d111166ed657 *jghw72-01-26d1t06.shn
fe62d97395079b3fb3eafaf4fe9d918c *jghw72-01-26d1t07.shn
b62f0b7f2115e5f33a2eb70cda3b4963 *jghw72-01-26d1t08.shn
453f3fc7bcf7211cac58b5d1999bcd1a *jghw72-01-26d1t09.shn
d4d48446cfc797ea9ce6cc522b48e134 *jghw72-01-26d2t11.shn
bfe97400a8a472cac22b44f89ad5397b *jghw72-01-26d2t02.shn
2bbf3ffa7b8b85e399057adc66219596 *jghw72-01-26d2t03.shn
41a672f66501e3ec3819b823358eb049 *jghw72-01-26d2t04.shn
7e0b6562dfa669d98c2fd3a9f55110f9 *jghw72-01-26d2t05.shn
ad2f28bd987df4975bd4d78c2cc93781 *jghw72-01-26d2t06.shn
f770b83eb30dd54e728499610506e4c4 *jghw72-01-26d2t07.shn
d5685e52f91c08ed91278d4c5d260bb8 *jghw72-01-26d2t08.shn
873f1fcd7d15d1aaad0aa1e394fd2a67 *jghw72-01-26d2t09.shn
f87e9cab6075805f008927839c635a23 *jghw72-01-26d2t10.shn
d5dd028fc01c8d53f71a781fb2e7d449 *jghw72-01-26d2t01.shn

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10/28/2002 Mark Goldey I have had a cassette copy of this show for many years, and this SHN fileset comes from the same source. It has the same oddities and flaws as my analog tape, right down to the FM static in the middle of disc 2. I imagine that the master recording is the only circulating source for this show, and possibly the only recording available. The material is mostly Howard Wales, although some of it appears on Hooteroll? and Garcia, Wales, Kahn were a regular gig at the Matrix. When Wales stopped playing, Merle Saunders joined the band and the first JGB was formed. Some interesting information culled from interviews can be found here.
09/12/2003 barton hall here is a more accurate track list based on listening to the discs:
Disk 1
1. Southside Strut >
2. Up From The Desert >
3. One AM Approach >
4. Come On Baby > Jam > Outer Space Regions > Carry Me Back >
5. Bass Solo >
6. Get Funky Brother >
7. A Trip To What Next >
8. Would You Leave Me > Wales' Boogie
9. Band Introduction by Garcia

Disk 2
1. DJ Talk
2. Get Down Mama (1) >
3. DC 502 (1) >
4. Drums (1) >
5. DC 502 (1)
6. Sweet Little Angel > Sweet Cocaine > (1)
7. Shine On Love (1)
8. Jam >
9. Fighting For Madge >
10. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover (2)
11. Band Introduction by Roger Troy > Gypsy Woman
10/26/2005 Bob thanks for the update on the track listings, I was trying to figure that out myself.