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Garcia 06/16/82
Music Mountain, South Fallsburg, NY
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: (Updated source info) Sennheiser 441s (FOB) > Nak 550 > cass. XLII-S > [email protected] Recorded by Jeff Silberman. Transfer: D8 > Delta DiO 2496 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWAVE > SHN v3.  
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Jerry Garcia Band
6-16-82 Music Mountain, South Fallsburg, NY.
Source:  (Updated source info, see notes) Sennheiser 441s (FOB) >
Nak 550 > cass. XLII-S > [email protected]  Recorded by Jeff Silberman.
Transfer:  D8 > Delta DiO 2496 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWAVE > SHN v3.
Transferred by Jeff Patton.

Disk 1 (74 min. disk)
Set 1
1.  How Sweet It Is
2.  Catfish John
3.  That's What Love Will Make You Do
4.  Valerie
5.  Let It Rock >
6.  Deal

Disk 2 (74 min. disk)
Set 2
1.  Roadrunner
2.  Love In the Afternoon
3.  Don't Let Go
4.  Dixie Down
5.  Run for the Roses

all with Bill Kreutzman

Previously listed as Neumann U-87 mics. Mic information updated
5/2002 per information given by Jeff Silberman to Craig Hillwig:
"According to Silberman, it was raining that day and at the last
minute, the call was made to run Sennheiser 441s and keep the
Neumanns out of the rain. Silberman speculated that
the mislabelling was caused by a patcher who labelled his tape
before the last minute switch."
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fb83d0c3246cfa02628cb05a82c4a0da *jgb82-06-16d1t4.shn
71ea3c5613c5533bfc2694c0d6abe344 *jgb82-06-16d1t2.shn
d7d5ee1082fbef0c6e4e7761827c5506 *jgb82-06-16d1t3.shn
f2bcd56c0b9c40a3150bc015a701c617 *jgb82-06-16d1t1.shn
43ae197710425ca55f1b7cadfa854246 *jgb82-06-16d1t5.shn
7eba0c9e36f41c1be5bba03820f077f8 *jgb82-06-16d1t6.shn
a4d99b28b8dc5cea2f270ad40f82ff93 *jgb82-06-16d2t2.shn
d8a681a4a675213eb1344133efa46084 *jgb82-06-16d2t1.shn
54e16c21415b10d507ab2f1f40d5cc78 *jgb82-06-16d2t3.shn
b43704f174dc8ab377a89c35e369d8b3 *jgb82-06-16d2t4.shn
cf2b07cd89777ef50d5664e51f1c1752 *jgb82-06-16d2t5.shn

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